Free HTML5 eBooks and Cheat Sheets

HTML5 hit the web so powerfully that even though it’s not complete and properly supported by web browsers yet. UPDATE: It is now!

Its just announced that it will be completed by 2014, although earlier news was 2022. Despite all this, many designers have started working in it. And not just that, now rest of the designers also want to follow.

If you want to be able to code HTML5 properly, you can learn it from books or you can learn it from reference sheets. In this post you’ll find both of them, but the good thing is that all of these are Free!

Learning from book is the foolproof method but it’s the long route, if you want a shortcut, you have cheatsheets i.e. reference guides.

These books are very brief & intuitive and take only a couple of hours to complete, unlike the books consisting of 300-400 pages which demoralize you just by their length.

Before continuing, you should have a look at Getting to Know HTML5

Cheat Sheets

The MediaLoot’s HTML5 Compendium

You might call it an infographic, you can call it a cheat sheet, whatever it is, it deserves the top spot. This page will tell you the latest HTML5 codes, their usage and their compatibility.

This page is being consistently updated.

cheat sheet, compatibility graph, reference guide

Periodic Table of the HTML Elements

If you remember the periodic table from school days, great, if you don’t remember, still great! You can learn all the HTML(5) by just clicking at the codes. Quick reference and detailed tutorial links in real time. This is something that deserves the top place.

html5 cheat sheet

HTML5 Cheatsheet: Tags

This basically is an infographic. You can learn all the new codes of HTML5 in quite an intuitive manner.

Cheetsheet infographic

HTML and CSS3 Compatibility Chart

As you would already know that all the codes of HTML5 and CSS3 aren’t supported by all the browsers. This sheet shows which browser supports which code.

HTML 5 support features in web browsers

HTML5 Pocketbook

If you want a printable HTML5 reference sheet, this is the thing for you.

learning html

HTML5/CSS3 Cheatsheet

HTML5 and CSS3 are a couple and we can’t be friends with just one. This cheetsheet contains real examples of implementation. Nice resource.

ebook download learning

HTML 5 Cheat Sheet (PDF)

A cheatsheet by SmashingMagazine. Even though it was made almost two years ago, it’s still fresh.

pdf download


No Comments….

what is html 5

Easily Confused HTML 5 Elements

It’s basically a flowchart. Quick, simple, informative.

un-confusing web development

HTML5 Security Cheatsheet

The slogan says it all: “What your browser does when you look away…”

reference book

HTML5 Canvas Cheat Sheet

The code <canvas> is the most revolutionary code in HTML5. It is being considered as Flash Assassin. This cheatsheet tells all about it.

free pdf guide

HTML5 Visual CheatSheet

This is a rare one. The official site is not hosting it anymore, I found it on Flickr. We go through a lot to find the best stuff.

html 5

Free eBooks

HTML5 Quick Learning Guide

The ultimate guide for beginning in HTML5. No sign up required, nothing hidden, just click the download link and enjoy the PDF e-book.

ebook pdf download

Up to Speed on HTML5 and CSS3

As I said, these two are a couple and we’ll have to friends with both of them. Here’s a perfect guide to quickly get you through HTML5 and CSS3.

pdf book download

Introducing HTML5

To be honest, I haven’t downloaded this book so I can’t make a review. But there’s something strange in it, on the homepage, there is not even a single comment, negative nor positive. I don’t have any idea for the reason of this.

the free ebook


This is’s official ebook introducing HTML5 and they also claim that after studying this book, you can start using it right away.

Free Sign-up Required to Download. 

free ebook for learning HTML5

HTML5 wtf!!

We saw a cheatsheet above with the very same title, This is Different. That was the cheatsheet, this is a quick graphical eBook.

html 5 wtf

HTML Doctor’s Archive

This is not exactly a book but a lesson wise series of articles. You can read them online but methodology is exactly like an ebook, that’s why you are seeing this link here. Content is excellent.

articles for HTML learners

Scribd in HTML5

By itself. A very cool designed book to understand the future of scribd with HTML5.

official ebook

Google’s Web Book: 20 Things I Learned About Web

This thing is the bonus that comes with this post. This book does not focus on HTML5 particularly, it’s just one of the 20 things. This book is a very well written piece of writing for routine web users but I get to know some pretty nice bits so I decided to share it. It’s wonderful, you should have a look.

animated ebook

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