Dogs are the best pets and best friends of many people. In most pet loving homes, they are considered almost a member of the family. No wonder people want to see as many dog pictures as they can.

Dogs are loved as the best pets found on the earth. Dogs are very loving and adorable, yet powerful and brave animals. No wonder millions of people think that their dog is their best friend. This showcase of dog pictures is dedicated to all those people.

Dogs are being used as hunters and hunter’s most critical instrument by humans since stone ages. With the rise of modern lifestyle, dogs started to also assist police force and army. Today, dogs and horses are the only animals serving as cops. They can find criminals that men can’t find.

This post also includes photography tips so you can take amazing pictures of your dogs.

Dogs have also been very successful as farm animals; or to be exact, farm guards. They protect their owners and cattle from any kind of trouble. You find some dog pictures in this collection that are shot in the farms and countryside.

Children also love to play with dogs. Almost every child loves to have a dog as his/her pet. Some dogs have very beautiful eyes and have has very beautiful body color and shape. You will all these beautiful traits in these dog pictures.

Dogs have a high level intelligence which is very uncommon in other animals and dogs can understand many things and help a man in many things as I already mentioned they are used in military and police. Dogs are also used in competitions as people send their dogs to a racing competition of dogs. We have collected some of the best and most adorable, cute and good looking dog pictures that you would like to see.

Dog Pictures and Pet Photography Tips

  • Focus the Whiskers: always focus on the whiskers to get the perfect cat/dog pet photo. It is also important to keep the Eyes sharp. But I believe that if you focus the whiskers, eyes are sharpened automatically.
  • Spot the Moment: you can’t just take a snap of anytime, try to find the “cute moments” when your pet looks at its best. This can be when your little puppy is drinking her milk or when your kitten hides in your shoe.
  • Clear the Background: they can be distracting. In animal photography you don’t need eye-catching backgrounds, props maybe but not backgrounds.
  • Natural Light is Best: fluorescent lights make colors look odd, natural lighting works perfect. If you are indoor, try to get as much natural light in, as possible.
  • Reach Down: 90% of the good pet photographs you see are taken from the height level of the pet. This tip is also vital for taking baby photos.
  • Close-ups work the best!

These photography tips were taken from puppy pictures.

I have written many words in this article. Now I should immediately get to the things that speak a thousand words. Pictures!

A beautiful dog with beautiful eyes.

A beautiful dog with beautiful eyes

Love in the winter.

puppy Malamutes

New haircut.

cute golden doodle puppy

Working Mom

working mom carrying puppies

Blackmail eyes.

A cute dog photo

African wild dog picture.

African wild dog picture

The military dog.

The military dog pic

A lovely brown dog.

A lovely brown dog

A beautiful brown dog.

A beautiful brown dog

Amazing dog picture.

Amazing dog pic

American eskimo dog on the grass.

American eskimo dog on the grass

A cool black dog.

A cool black dog

A cool dog picture in the fields.

Cool black dog picture in the fields

Adorable dog picture.

Adorable dog picture

Adorable little dog picture.

Adorable little dog pic

It’s hot in the summer.

A great dog pic

An adorable dog picture.

An adorable dog picture

An amazing dog picture.

An amazing dog pic

An amazing white dog.

An amazing white dog

Another beautiful brown dog.

Another beautiful brown dog

A very beautiful dog picture.

A very beautiful dog pic

A very nice dog picture.

A very nice dog pic

Awesome dog picture.

Awesome dog picture

Beautiful black and white dog.

Beautiful black and white dog

Beautiful brown dog picture.

Beautiful brown dog pic

Beautiful dog picture.

Beautiful dog picture

Cool black dog picture.

Cool black dog picture.

Cool brown dog picture.

Cool brown dog picture.

Cute dog picture.

Cute dog picture

Cute little dog with a ball.

Cute little dog with a ball

Cute white dog.

Cute white dog

Dog sitting on a chair.

Dog sitting on a chair

Fabulous little white dog picture.

Fabulous little white dog pic

Fantastic dog picture.

Fantastic dog picture.

Great Pyrenees dog pic

Great Pyrenees dog picture.

Little beautiful dog picture.

Little beautiful dog pic

Lovely dog pic

Lovely dog picture

Nice dog pic

Nice dog picture.

So nice dog pic

So nice dog picture

Another cool brown dog picture.

Another cool brown dog picture

Such a nice dog picture.

Such a nice dog picture.

So sweet little ad adorable dog picture.

So sweet little ad adorable dog picture

The furious dog picture.

The furious dog picture.

The sad dog.

The sad dog

The smiling doggy.

The smiling doggy

The tired dog picture.

The tired dog picture.

Two beautiful dogs.

Two beautiful dogs

Two cute puppies.

Two cute puppies

Very beautiful dogs.

Very beautiful dogs

White adorable dog.

White adorable dog picture

White Swiss shepherd dog.

White Swiss shepherd dog

I’m confused.

cute white puppy

Hello cutie pie

cuttest puppy love

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