One dollar bill is one of the most famous designs in the world. And there is a reason for that apart from economics. The design has stayed the same for almost a century now.

The smaller size dollar bills (currently in use) were designed back in 1929. Since then, the design has stayed the same primarily. Only a bit of little fine tuning is made after every couple of decades.

While modernism is at its peak in USA, we thought why not share some currency redesign ideas for US dollar.

In recent years many concept ideas of US Dollar redesign have hit the internet. Today we have selected some of the best ones among them and showcasing here in a friendly post.

Did You Know: Columbia and Switzerland have adapted vertical orientation currencies.

US Dollar Redesign Ideas

Dollar Redesign Project

By Matt McGillvray

Matt did not actually redesigned the whole thing, but rather updated the design. In his opinion, a complete redesign would cause confusion in the public so here is a that still looks like money.

1 Dollar Redesign


20 Dollars Redesign

100 Dollar Redeisgn

Modern Traditions

By Ed Burczyk

The idea was that new dollar designs should contain a little color, should look modern but they must not go over board. Traditions must be conserved.

1 Dollar Modern Design

5 Dollar Modern Design

10 Dollar Modern Design

20 Dollar Modern Design

50 Dollar Modern Design

100 Dollar Modern Design

Keep Searching

By Elvin Wong

Mr. Wong thematically designed the new currency. His theme is “keep searching”. It refers to what a common American should be searching, should be in quest of.

5 Dollar Currency Redesign

10 Dollar Currency Redesign

20 Dollar Currency Redesign

50 Dollar Currency Redesign

100 Dollar Currency Redesign

Girl Power

By Magen Farrar

Sadly, US dollar currency notes don’t have any woman featured. Magen Farrar decided that new currency should not contain any men.

1 Dollar Women

5 Dollar Women

10 Dollar Women

20 Dollar Women

50 Dollar Women

100 Dollar Women

Corresponds to Age

By Julia Perry

Julia had the best of ideas. Instead of featuring presidents or other famous people, why not put common people, the people who actually make America.
These designs contain images of ordinary Americans with the corresponding age to the amount.

1 Dollar

5 Dollar

10 Dollar

20 Dollar

50 Dollar

100 Dollar

American Portraits

By Mark Pimentel

Vertical currency notes are beginning to emerge on international markets. So Mark Pimentel thought why should US not adopt this new trend.





Modern Nation

By Wil A. Gumucio

If the FRB wants to keep the horizontal orientation, then here is a modern design.

1 Dollar Modern Design

5 Dollar Modern Design

10 Dollar Modern Design

20 Dollar Modern Design

50 Dollar Modern Design

100 Dollar Modern Design


By Juan Arreguin

These are plastic based notes that contain transparency and they are also waterproof.
They also teach a lot about history.

1 Dollar Transpaprent

1 Dollar Transpaprent Back

1 Dollar Transpaprent Preview

5 Dollar Transpaprent

5 Dollar Transpaprent Back

5 Dollar Transpaprent Preview

Vertical US Currency Redesign

By Travis Purrington

These are the original dollar redesigns that sparked the currency redesign hype. Designed by the advertising agency Dowling Duncan.

Vertical US Dollar Design

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