Last Friday we published How to Design Jeweler’s Website. A quick tutorial where we designed a cool dark Photoshop layout for a jeweler. Jeweler’s site require dark backgrounds, sharp colors, quality stock photos and large size jewelry display. We kept those needs in mind while designing that template.

Today we are sharing the downloadable PSD file of that template. As usual, you are allowed to download, distribute and use it commercially, its royalty-free.

Next Friday (or the Friday after the next one) I’ll make CSS-HTML tutorial of this layout. So stay tuned!

Full Preview


Download PSD Layout

[freebiesub download=””]

Logo and Navigation Bar

A slim and sleek bar that is very trendy.


Featured Area

This can be a slideshow or a static picture.


Content Area

Of course, a jeweler does not have much text to give to its visitors so even the content area is a kind of gallery.



In footer, all you need to place is the address. There’s nothing else that a simple small business jeweler would need.


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