Taking Photographs is a hobby for some people and sometimes it gets converted in the form of profession for some people. This is the perception of most of the people that becoming a  photographer is the only profession which can be adopted if you have passion of photos.
Internet, becoming the hub of every industry with the help of Social Media and better working search engines, is becoming the member of everyone’s family. Just like all other work at home jobs, internet has a lot of scope for photographers as well.

If you have a large collection of Photographs and you want to monetize them. Then you can earn money online by selling photos online.

Today, I am going to discuss some of the sites and mediums which can be utilized to sell photos in an effective manner. I will also discuss various untapped killing techniques and strategies which you can adopt in order to be successful in the selling photos world. So Stay here, I am going to provide an answer to all such questions.

Mediums and Strategies Used for Selling Photos Online

Search Engine Optimization

The best way to get more traffic for your images will be definitely through Google Images. You need to use that keywords through which you can easily get placed on the designated keyword.

For Example, if you upload any funny picture and in keywords you write it as “Crazy Funny Dog” and after sometime if you would be able to see this picture on Google Images. Then definitely it will get you more traffic and more sales.

Try to opt those keywords on which there are maximum searches for people of USA, UK and other European countries. As there is a better trend of buying the things online in those countries.

Ad Campaigns

You can make highly targeted and calculated Ad Campaigns through Google Adwords, Adbrite, Facebook Ads or other such mediums.

You can also create offline campaigns by hiring people from Fiverr.com and ask them to put your flyers on various places where your target market resides. For Example, If you have interest in Cars, then you can ask freelancer through Fiverr to put banners on the road near showroom markets in USA. So, that it gets the attention of people and they will buy your photos.

Ad Campaigns require much more attention, skill and calculative analysis. But it is relatively a smart and fast way to earn income online, Once it got its desired result.

Social Media

Social Media is revolutionizing the photos world. You can utilize Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and Stumble Upon for this purpose.

Let us take an example of Shutterstock, So with Facebook, you can make a fan page . Start your fan page by suggesting other friends. Then, upload different photos of your friends and tag them. With passage of time when you will realize that your fan page is increasing, then come on the track and drive attention of target market towards your shutterstock photos. Thus, In result you will be able to earn suitable profits from your passion of photography.

Through Stumble Upon, you can make any strategy like allocating 20 friend who can stumble your photos. For Example, you can give a duty to 3 friends to stumble your photos on Monday, Similarly 3 other friends on Tuesday and so on till complete week. By doing so, you will be able to get high traffic from the countries like USA, UK and other such regions.

Similarly, through other Social Media platforms, you can adopt various such strategies to get the traffic from your target market. Remember with Social Media, You will have a best chance to make money online free without spending big amount on ad campaigns. You just need a viral product which can actually cause a viral effect.

Websites to Sell Photos Online


Shutterstock is the most reliable and highly paid photos hosting site which pays from $0.25 to $75 per download. Shutterstock has a wide range of assembly of images through which one can easily get the trademark and brand of shutterstock maintained by them in last 10 years of service.

selling photos online at shutterstock.com


SmugMug is one of the creative sites which enables you to customize your lens according to your needs. One of the best features offered by SmugMug is that you can easily sell photos in print form. The shipping facility is also available in SmugMug which can be used easily if any buyer wants. Price varies between $5 per month to $20 per month. There is a customization facility of editing CSS also available in SmugMug. So, in other words I can call it as a highly customizable site.

a store for selling photos online


Zazzle is basically a print on demand online shop. It is not like other sites but here you can even generate money by designs, pictures and also by referring other people. Zazzle has a very attractive homepage through which you can get insight that how many things are going on.

A online store for custom t-shirt designs and other accessories


Instaproof provides you a reliable platform to sell your prints and pictures to more and more people. Here you can tell the customers different and unique services offered by you. It is a free website u don’t need to pay for signup or any monthly charges. You need to upload the photos, you can create events and marketize it via social marketing or referral system or any other way you like. By this way you can get more customers to buy your stuff.

A place to sell your prints


It is an amazing site where you are allowed to price your pictures by yourself. There are certain pricing limits provided to you by the website and keeping yourself in those limits, you can put a prices on your pictures. The pricing limit depends on the level you are at in the site ranking. Higher level gives a wide and high price limit.

buy and sell photos online


In photomerchant you have got the authority to use any website temple and then mould it as per your needs and what you want. It has the facility of a shopping cart through which you can easily sell your work online. The signup process requires $19 every month for complete processing and working for site.

Creating a photo selling site online


iStockPhoto pays $0.90 to $1.50 per download. So, you can say that the royalty percentage will resides between 10% to 15% in case of iStockPhoto. They have almost every payment option including paypal, payoneer, money brookers or check.

buying and selling photos online


DreamsTime.com have ranking system through which you will get more money per download with passage of time. For Example, in start if you would be getting $1 to $3 , then after 5 downloads it may result in form of $2 to $5 per download. Here ,you need to be specially conscious regarding material and the quality of content . In start these are essential components for your approval.

a place to buy and sell photos

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