There are web design and development companies joining the market everyday and many competent freelancers are entering the business as well. It seems quite difficult to prevail and ascend in this fiercely cutthroat market. But the truth is it can be done. If you play intelligently, you can find your way to success, even in this rush.

Today we find new ways to increase a freelancer’s business and productivity, without making big investments. In a previous article, we discussed Why to Get a Job and Why Choose Freelancing

Start Teaching

Teaching Graphic Design

Teaching is one of the most prestigious professions in the world. And it is kind of a moral duty to pass on your knowledge to others. Also, if you start teaching, it will be incredibly helpful for your business as well. There are many gains if you start teaching, let me define just some of them.

1.) Student’s fee will generate you extra money.

2.) Your students will become your “human brochures”, which is the most effective kind of publicity.

3.) You can assign your students some tasks of your projects. Working on such projects helps the students a great deal, and you will find a lot of assistance without paying any salary.

4.) Your creativity will enhance majorly because of the interaction you will have with your students. They are usually very enthusiastic and full of ideas, just remember the days you were learning.

And you don’t really need a big investment to establish your training center, your garage or drawing room would work fine, and for publicity, some local low level publicity should be enough because you don’t want too many students coming in. Just a few so that you can focus on them individually and they can get the attention which they can’t at big colleges.

Start Writing

Book and Pens

You can write tutorials for websites which specializes in them. You can even write something for the local periodical. The same lectures you deliver to your students can become tutorials. You can even make an article and save it on article selling sites, if and when your article will be sold, you’ll get the money.

You don’t have to just write tutorials, there are plenty of options such as software reviewsdesign tips or anything that suits your skills.

Start a Blog

the blogging theorems

No kidding, if you have got what it takes to be a blogger, you might make it a full time job later on. Since you already have the topic, all you need to start a blog is some basic knowledge of:

  • HTML
  • Search Engines
  • Social Media like Facebook
  • basic writing skills

You don’t have to be a wordsmith and be able to kick Shakespeare’s grave, if you can write like me, that’s enough.

You may earn from the ads you’ll put on your blog. Many companies provide these ads, Google is also one of them. If you would like to read a complete post dedicated to the topic of “how a designer becomes a blogger” tell me so in the comments, and I’ll publish it in a few days.

If you’d like to learn more about using WordPress, the most powerfull blogging platform, kindly visit our How to Edit a WordPress Theme and to learn more about CSS you can visit our CSS Properties series.

Recommendation System

Word of Mouth Recommendation

You can give your students and/or your old customers a referral system. This kind of offer may sound like a thing for the corporate sector, but they work with freelancers as well.

Now what will you give to the referred client, it can be a discount or a service you provide for example a free flash banner or a business card design for free.

The base of this system is that you make a recommendation chain that should keep the client-flow coming.


The basics for earning extra money are

  1. Reduce Costs: you can do this with the help of your students.
  2. Socialize: if people know you, they can become your customer, it is simple as that. Your teaching and your blogging will publicize you.
  3. Make a Chain: referral schemes and such recommendation systems make a flow of clients.

I’m keeping this article brief but if you like this topic, tell me so and Desginzzz will bring you a tremendous following article with a big list of ideas in a fun way, just like Things Not to Say to Your Boss!!

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