It doesn’t matter how crazy the term egg art may sound to you if you are hearing it for the first time, but believe you me that this is an established, hugely popular and widely followed form of art. Even Library of Congress recognizes it and there is also an international guild of egg art.

Today we are not focusing on egg art in general, rather we are only exhibiting the artworks of Wen Fuliang, a Chinese man who turned his hobby into profession and then went on to be admired by eggshell artists all around the world.

The most astonishing thing about Mr. Fuliang is that he does not has a website, nor any video on Youtube. So some of his admirers just asked a local reporter to cover him and that’s how his talent was introduced to the world.
Even after being known around the world, he still does not appreciate materialistic fame or lavish lifestyle. He is happy with what he has. He continues to convert valueless eggshells into amazing pieces of art with the same diamond tipped rotary tool that he bought ten years ago.

Here are some of his works.

Egg Art by Wen Fuliang

A brown eggshell artwork inside a white egg art piece. Just one of the many art pieces he has created.

A brown eggshell artwork inside a white egg art piece

It all starts with sketching the design on the very very fragile subject.

Wen Fuliang sketching the designs on the eggshells

And here’s Mr. Fuliang sketching it.

Wen Fuliang is Sketching

Then comes the most difficult part, carving the whole design on the eggshell.

Wen Fuliang is carving on an egg

Mr. Fuliang uses multiple tools for carving.

Wen Fuliang is carving

He takes help from designed sketches on paper to help him carve the exact image on the eggshells.

Eggshell carvings

Once complete, it looks like this.

A look up close

These art pieces look absolutely majestic in dark.

Egg art in dark

And here are some of his works.

Artworks on brown eggshellsSome of his eggshell artworks

All photos courtesy of China Photo Press.

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