Elevator advertising is a rising trend in outdoor advertising. The reason is that people have to wait in elevators, which allows the message more time to sink in their brains.

Whether outside the elevator, waiting for it to arrive, or inside the elevator, waiting to go out, you are exposed to a message. This longer exposure time makes it an ideal tool for marketers.

Thanks to prolonged exposure time, marketers have started to exploit this tool very well. Especially designed messages are being displayed in elevators all around the world.

Today we have selected some of the best ones from those elevator advertising examples.

Examples of Elevator Advertising

Dr. Kim’s Plastic Surgery: Be Born Again

Michelangelo painted The Creation of Adam on the ceiling of The Sistine Chapel. However, Dr. Kim, the plastic surgeon, has taken the art to a whole new level. Now each time you press the elevator button, it feels like you’re making contact with the guy upstairs.

Doctor Kim Plastic Surgery Created a Hilarious Elevator Advertisement

Oral-B’s Advertisement in an Elevator

What happens if your colleague in the elevator has bad breath?

Oral-B's funny elevator advertising

Dulcolax Capsule Elevator Ad

Dulcolax is a laxative in South Korea. They were having a hard time explaining how to use this laxative, so outdoor advertising expert Seok-Kyun Lee came to their rescue. He explained it in such a way that nobody could explain it better.

Dulcolax Elevator Ad 1 Dulcolax Elevator Ad 2 Dulcolax Elevator Ad 3 Dulcolax Elevator Ad 4

Bodyworld 2: Look Inside (Your Body)

Open sesame and you see what you’re made of… literally.

Bodyworlds2 Elevator Ad

Kagatani Knife

Kagatani Knife makes a simple before-and-after effect. The crab is before, but when the doors open, that’s the after.

Kagatani Knife's simple but effective elevator advertising

Becel: Love Your Heart

That’s kind of cheating isn’t it? I mean you are using an elevator to promote stairs.

Becel Love Your Heart

Consol Energy: We Power This Elevator

Remembering the people who work hard to keep us fat and lazy.

Consol Energy's elevator ad

Swiss Skydiving: Like Thrills?

Wanna see what coming down without a parachute feels like? Here’s an elevator that can give you a glimpse of the thrills.

Swiss Skydive Uses Creative Elevator Advertising

Fear Factor

“Step forward if you DARE.” The ground is painted like an abyss, the whole elevator is pretty scary. Would you get into an elevator like this one?

Fear Factor Elevator Ad

Achilles Forklift

So how powerful can a forklift be? It can lift a whole elevator!

Achilles Forklift lifts the whole elevator

Divorce Lawyer

Personally, I absolutely hate divorces. They hurt in every possible way, but this elevator ad certainly makes it seem absolutely painless.

Divorce Lawyer Funny Advertisement

Shark Week

Discovery channel launched an advertisement campaign for its famous shark week. Here’s what their elevator advertising looked like.

Shark Week 1 Shark Week 2

Superman The Movie

The man of steel opens doors of steel.

Superman Movie Elevator Advertisement

Folliderm hair loss

One day you have a head full hair, next day, you’re robed. That’s what my bald dad says.

Folliderm hair loss advertisement

No Smoking Awareness Ad

This is not exactly an elevator ad, but this is applied on automatic doors and can easily be done on elevator doors as well so I’m adding it anyway.

No smoking ad on opening doors

Oreo: Cookie and Milk Glass

Each time the elevator comes down, the cookie takes a dip in the milk.

Oreo Elevator Advertising

Maxwell House Coffee: Wake up Alarm

If you are one those sleepy heads who don’t come to senses even after a cup of hot coffee in the morning, then Maxwell House coffee is here to help. They will wake you up properly, even if that means giving you a mini heart attack.

Maxwell House Wakeup Alarm

Shams Martial Arts: Taekwondo Kick in Action

What happens when a Taekwondo grand masters kicks right in the chest? This happens!

Shams Taekwondo Kick


Gillette’s flagship product Mach 3 sends a very hairy message to the elevator travelers.

Gillette Elevator Advertising

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