This is a unique kind of photography inspiration I’ve got for you today. I recently made a collection of street photography and that’s when I had this idea. I wanted to show life of a particular place, a place which is the 2nd home to everybody, just like the street.

After a bit of a thought, I figured that a bench would be the most suitable object.

There are benches which courts where more than one judge make the decision. Those benches are not our topic today. 😛

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While wandering on the internet, I stumbled upon the first picture in this collection. I just couldn’t take my eyes off it, not just because it was beautiful but it reminded of some of the most memorable days of my life. I’m sure each one of you has spent some of the most life-defining moments on a public bench.

Feed Me Snowfall

Feed me snowfall


alone bench photo


helpless sleeping on bench

The Waiting

women waiting on bench

The weight of life

The weight of life


sitting on bench concept

it’s only rock and roll.

rock and roll guitar on bench

Bench on the Magic Hour

Bench on the Magic Hour

Anyamanee chillen

Anyamanee chillen

The favorite bench

The favorite bench of an old couple

Fort bench

Fort bench at train station


Wonderland ice frozen bench

Best friends

old man and dog sleeping

Sometimes old people act like children

old man sitting on bench picking nose

The lover

the old lover on bench

The weight of brain

The weight of brain

Some old people are like lost children

Some old people are like lost children

Reaching the edge

old man storm and bench

Soul of my city

Soul of my city

Every single heartbeat counts

kid sitting on bench with heart balloon

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