Adobe’s latest Photoshop CS6 has been leaked over the internet while Adobe is still working on the official release, it is likely that it’ll be officially launched in the first quarter of 2012.Today we’ll take a look at the new features and changes this new Photoshop will bring with itself, but before that; remember: if somebody tries to sale you the ‘new photoshop’… DON’T PAY FOR IT! That’s most probably an illegal edition which will harm your computer. When it is released officially, you’ll be able to see it on

Adobe however did release a couple of screencast videos of Photoshop CS6 for user feedback, and after the leak, many other videos are also hitting internet. I have selected the very best of them, so in this article, you’ll see the new features in action in the videos and I’ll make a review on those new features. Let’s begin.

Working with Photoshop CS6

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As you can see, the workspace is in dark colors now. You can easily change the colors but the default ones are dark.

One thing I have to say, Photoshop is getting more and more difficult even for professionals now. They have thrown in high level 3D capabilities and even a timeline with keyframing ability for high-level animations.

Below you can see the videos released by mother Adobe herself for feedback.

Sneak Peek 1

Sneak Peek 2

Now I must tell you, what you just saw is a glimpse of what we’ll get in CS6. There other tools coming, such as Remix Tool and Material Fill Tool… but unfortunately I haven’t found any video of these tools. But there are two more tools coming, here’s a video comprising them.

Blurs and Perspective Crop Tool

I personally think Adobe is missing a trick or two… they are not focusing on the little things. I’m talking about things such as a “search box” in layers panel for quickly finding and selecting your layer, and applying a blending mode/layer style to multiple layers in a single command. Little things like these matter a lot. Google always pays attention on these little things, Adobe also needs to it.

One more thing I figured is that CS6 might not work speedily on single core processors. I feel it’s programmed for systems using multi-core processors.

Don’t get Fooled

There are people on youtube making fake videos of Photoshop CS6, and doing a great job! I found this video (made in CS5) where the creator is erasing layers one by one. For a minute I was stumped but then I looked closely. Have a look and have a laugh 🙂

That’s it for now… whenever I’ll find any major update in CS6, I’ll immediately make another article.

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