When we look for humorous photography examples, we find two types of pictures. One is where the photographer makes a shot funny. This is where the photographer may take help from props and studio settings to take a funny shot.
The other kind of funny photography is where somebody just find themselves in the right place at the right time and they take a viral-able picture.

In today’s post, I have collected both types of these funny pictures.

I’ll begin with the images that were ‘made’ to look funny. In the second part of this post we’ll take a look at the accidental, or intentional photography where amateurs took pictures that envy the gurus.

I have tried to find sources of all images, but there are some which I collected from social media so I’m not sure who the creator is. If you know any of the creator, please do let me know in the comments section below.

Made Up Funny Photography

Wrong perspective.

The wrong perspective

It’s a male cat. Male first, cat later.

Pervert male cat

This is a photo we can only understand if we have a dirty mind.

The eyes of a dirty mind


Poor Pepsi

poor little pepsi


That’s a whole definition of a tree-hugger.


Kiss yourself as you wish others to kiss you.


I’m not so sure if this is a set-up shot or a just the photographer found this little angry bird on the right place… but this can very well be a set-up shot and that’s why I’m placing it in the first part of this post.



Funny Pictures: Photographers Who Got Lucky

Stap it hooman, you is being silly.

Oh shucks

That man chose the wrong profession in the very wrong country to yawn in. Putin’s personally meeting with him tomorrow.

Chivalry of Military

Follow the writing on the wall.

Nike just do it

If you had an Indian taxi, what would you do with it? Sleep of course!

Driver sleeping in a taxi

What’s he dreaming about?

funny public sleepers

In the arms of the one you love.

sleep humor

A lovely timing. After the crash, before the splash.

funny image

What’s the last thing you remember Mr. Johnson?


The most graceful sport in the world, ladies’ tennis.

Some journalists do not take silence as an answer.


This is a simple example of high speed photography.


At the right place at the right time.


It dumper lickin’ good.


It’s nice to see racism is ending and human-horse relations are improving.


Free birds don’t obey the law.



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