Street art is developing into innovative and exhilarating aspects of creativity. It is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Street artists are coming up with unique and exquisite ideas and themes, creating a sense of relativity and awareness. We mainly associate the term “street art” with graffiti but lately it has covered almost all the forms of art including sculptures and yarn bombing. The increasing number of this kind of art has proved that street is the best place for creativity. It is basically a visual art which is supposed to be produced in public places. Many artists has given their best to this art and made the streets a pleasant view.

Street art provide the people to see and appreciate the art out of galleries and other exhibitions, as a result it is considered to be more close to them and so is becoming popular. Street art may depict this form of art just to lighten up the streets, give people a chance to appreciate their work or simply to convey a public message. In any way it is the most common kind of art now a days. Street art is also used to make a political point and is used in campaigns. Whatever the purpose of this, people love to see the incredible work of finest artists and admire them.

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Street Art Examples

These images include graffiti images, 3D street art and other kinds of paintings.

Street art graffiti of a child

A colorful street graffiti of a woman

Street art example of drawing beautiful eyes

A child's care

Street painting of a little girl walking down the lane

Painting of children, drawing a painting

Keep your street clean

A blacksmith is in action

3D street art example

Street art painting on a corner building

3D street art example of a waterfall

Alligator painting on a street

The swimming beauty

Abandoned huts become an art piece

Buildings turned into street art examples

A beautiful graffiti on a street

Portfolio picture on a building

Dinosaurus attack

Building turned into a painting

3D street art picture of a big mouth

3D street art of a big hole in the surface

Cracked surface is one of the most popular topics in 3D street art


Paint your life

Doodle painting of children on the street

With the increasing attraction of street art, one may take it as a great way for creativity and communication in everyday life of a person. Street artists has dazzled the public with their unique sense and surprising way of depicting the art. They create an illusion so real that a normal person becomes compelled to stop and think for a while. These artists has changed the thought that art should be seen in galleries only. They possess the ability to turn any fence, pole, wall or street into a great piece of art. The work of these artists has forced many of us to believe that the street is possibly the best canvas for an art person. Street art is also a way of best humor, it places a smile on every viewer and make them surprised by its exceptional quality. People certainly enjoy whenever they see a fine piece of art in the corner, on a pole or on the road.

Though there is also a bad aspect of this form of art present. The excess of street art may make all the buildings into pieces of art, hence, vanishing their own attraction and charm. So it has also be called as a form of vandalism by some people. This article includes the finest examples of street art samples, enjoy and decide for yourself whether it is a form of vandalism or a most pleasant way to portray creativity.

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