This is a collection of most ideal fonts for logo designing.

I noticed one thing today; I have only shared one font collection yet. That’s odd. …. So here’s a collection of free fonts for logos designing. The criterion is just that these fonts should be a little out-of-the-box, yet easy to read.

This awesome fonts can also be use for headings.

Logo designing is undoubtedly one of the most competitive forms of designing. Satisfying the client, audience and yourself with the same logo is a difficult to achieve goal. Stylish fonts come very handy here, they help big time in making the same logo look good to everyone.


A free font that truly leaves a statement – the example speaks for itself. Would look great in any colour.


A great free font for those brand that work in the field of electronics. Looks great with blue, green, and purple colours – click the source link to see some amazing examples.


A really significant font that people will easily remember.

Italian Inverted Contrast Free Typeface

For more creative brands that specialise in content writing, newspaper printing, or any similar field. 


Soft yet very distinctive font that can serve for so many purposes.

Olegos Typeface

A very modern font that would look perfect for a quality coffee shop, barber shop, or anything else. Minimalistic and elegant at the same time.

MALER Font – Free Latin/Cyrillic

This funky font would look amazing with the colours of yellow and orange. Can be used for painting services or paint stores like in the shown examples or for anything else.

Aquire Font

A very sleek and modern font for the creative process of logo making or any other graphic design projects.


A very strong for the brands that want to highlight the strength of their production or provided services yet also to show that they are a modern company.

CURRENT — Free Typeface

A very soft edged font yet very modern and minimal – can be used for all sort of modern and hipster brands.

Garçonne Display Typeface

An interesting free font for creative services and much more.

Chromate Serif Typeface

A very distinctive font that can be used for logo creation or any other graphic design purpose or project – posters, flyers, fashion photography, and so much more. The example perfectly shows how modern this font really is.

Architectural — Free Typeface

Simple and also very different font at the same time. As the name states, it would be perfect for a brand that is working with architecture or interior design.

Leiko – Free Display Font

A very modern and vintage font at the same time – can be downloaded for free.


A very elegant and modern choice for your logo.

Casta – Free Typeface

If you really want to make a completely different logo that everyone else has, this is the font that you need to download as soon as possible.


Mosk Typeface (Free)

Quik Serif Typeface


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