It’s Tuesday, photography time at Designzzz. Today I have a collection of expressive female photos. Girls are God’s best creation, I can say this because I am one. There’s nothing in this world more realistic than a woman’s emotions. These pictures depict such emotions. It’s not a walk in the park to capture these feelings in static shots but some photographers do it magnificently.

I plan to present a little critique from my next post, on every picture I feature. I believe that would help you a lot in terms of improving yourselves.

Serge Ratnikov

Toes pointing at each other, scrutinizing look, a hint of smile… or is mad at you? She just seems a plethora of emotions, isn’t she? Well, aren’t all women exactly that??

sad female photography

Serge Ratnikov Expressive

There are some colors that can only be portrayed in a black and white photograph.

sleeping girl potography

Top Dreams

The concept of flying or being airlifted is a very common in concept photos. It contains the expression of freedom, it contains the expression of achievement, it contains man’s biggest dream ever, which is to fly.

GIRL in air dreams

Deep into the Dreams

Do you like walking in the clouds? In the mist? I love it. It feels like walking in a dream. It gives me hope, but uncertainty. I don’t know what’s on the other side of this mist, but I know it will be something good… my dreams always have happy endings.

girl in colours

Smoke of the Dreams

Okay, now that’s a bad habit. Don’t smoke, never. Please, seriously, don’t smoke.

smoking girl

The Man Magnet

We can live without men, they can’t live without us… and they think they’re superior. Stupid.

girl on floor

Young Desires

I love this photograph. I love the composition, I love the ambiance, I love the expression… I mean wanna have it postered to my wall.

female in boat

All the way from Russia, this is as good as a concept based expressive photograph can get. I love this photo but seriously, give the poor girl a jacket or something.

girl in snow

Forth to a Warm Day

It doesn’t matter how great your bedroom is, it can never beat this one. There’s no place like outdoors.

girl in flowers

French Cinema

This is a female portrait photo inspired by cinematographic techniques of the 1950-1960’s French cinema.

beautiful female photogaphy

City Lights Fires

Most of my colleagues love this photo and that’s the only reason I’m including it. I don’t like this one at all. What do you think? Am I right or my colleagues?

female under umberala photogaphy

Autumn Colors

Do you feel those eyes penetrating your soul??? I dare you to break the contact.

female flower photography

Mist of Hopes

Mist, mist is here once again.

female photography

Svitlana ClerR Raichuk

She tells stories with her violin. What’s your instrument?

dancing laddy photography

Genre Portrait

OMG, she stole my pose.

sad female photography

Svitlana ClerR Raichuk

I’m very interested to see what has that cat spotted?

girl,cat photography

Serge Ratnikov’s Conceptual Work

“I told her to go wear something, she came back wearing a hat.”

hat girl photography

When Death is the Destination

She is looking down, not up, not ahead… she is looking down.

frackles girl photography

Svitlana ClerR Raichuk

Photographer Svitlana Raichuk often captures women in not-so-hopeful moods. I ought to give her a lesson on life.

disiapointed girl photography

Cool Girl

She is indeed.

beautiful girl photography

That’s it for tonight guys. If you like these pictures, do tell me using the comments section below and I will make additions in this collection.

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