Superb HTML5 Examples

Something rarely makes an impact on Internet as much as HTML5 has made. It is being considered as the Flash Assassin. Allied with JavaScript jQuery, it seems certain that this is the future of the web.

Some people still say that “Flash is Flash, nothing beats Flash” – this is a post to prove them wrong. HTML5 is still under development and won’t be complete untill 2014, but let’s  have a look what has been made in this under-developed source code.

It’s a good thing that Actionscript (coding language of Flash) uses the same acronym as JavaScript otherwise Flash developers would have faced a certain doom.

A few demos are marked as “tutorial” so don’t miss a chance to learn from them. I think I’ll soon make a compilation of HTML5 tutorials as well.

HTML5 Examples

Google Gravity

google gravity html5 examples

Juicy Drop

HTML5 Music Player example

Ball Pool

ball pool html5 example

Online Image Editor: Tutorial

made in html5 tutorial


HTML5 Game Demo Example


Application Development in html 5

Photos on Canvas


Chain Reaction

HTML 5 game


Dynamic Content Injection

HTML5 Demo

Hold Me

HTML and web design

Magnetic: Keyboard Sensitive

HTML Example

Video for Everybody: Tutorial 

example for video embedding


HTML5 Effect


Web Design Example


HTML5 extreme


HTML5 Game

Map Detection

HTML 5 Demo


HTML Development Demo examle

3D Model Viewer

HTML5 Examples

Dean’s Monster

Demo and Example


html 5 development example

Presentation with HTML5: Tutorial

HTML5 tutorial

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