Way back in 2010 I made a collection of hilarious outdoor ads. That was my first big hit on Designzzz. After a few months I had to make another collection of clever ads on public demand. After that, I thought it’s enough, no more ads, but just a few days ago I bumped into my own first big hit. Nostalgia struck me and immediately I decided to make another funny outdoor ads collection.

The most important thing that makes a new product successful is the marketing. In marketing, designers play a major role. Creating a design concept that invokes the public is a tough job, executing the idea and making it a reality is an even harder one, not to mention adding a dash of humor and fun in it, that’s almost a design miracle. Some designers have produced this miracle. Have a look.

Flexible Toothbrush

Goes to the deepest parts.

hilarious funny advertisement

Flash Light

The light can make miracle. 

hilarious print advertisement

Aspirin Ad

Normal and Double Potency.

Normal and Double Potency

Advertise, or else…

The advertising company blackmails the public to advertise at once or bare this filth. 

funny Billboard Ad

Land Rover

What you see is your destination.

crazy billboard advertisement

Playboy Beach Sheets

Become the Playboy model. 

hilarious outdoor advertisement


Available for Careless Drivers at All Intersections.

Funny Drive Safe Billboard

FM 97.7

Click this image to reach 20 Super Outdoor Advertisements page.

crazy billboard

Newcastle Brown Ale

The solution to government phone tapping finally found!!

Nikon Camera

Face detect feature can capture the faces even we can’t see. 

Face Detect Hilarious Ad


Cuts the unwanted.

hilarious print advertisement

Nivea Deodorants

Thermal Imaging Confirms….


A puma can leap over anything, even Adidas logo. 


Keep it out the of reach of the fathers.

funny advertisements

Sensodyne Toothpaste

Hard hat for your teeth.

Funny Billboard Ad


 You’re almost there….

hilarious outdoor ad


The beer that makes you Strong!

funny beer advertisement


Social Networking since 1873

Hilarious Advertisement

Ecological Awareness: Recycle

This might be the best ad of the lot. The message is: “Everything we throw away turns back at us, so recycle.” 

very clever advertisement

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