High Quality Photoshop Pattern Sets

This is a big collection and of course, all of them are free. Mainly these patterns are for graphic designers but web designers can also use them well.

Usually we give an all-in-one download file but this time, we are not. And no, it is not because our webmaster is unavailable (due to his wedding) it is because these photoshop patterns are huge in volume, some of them are even about 40-50 MBs.

So you’re gonna have to download them from the source, and you can do that by clicking the title name of the pattern.

If you don’t know what patterns are, here a little introduction. Photoshop patterns are a unique resource for creating backgrounds and tile-able images. You can use these patterns through Layer Styles or using Pattern Stamp Tool. This tool is found in the sub-menu of Clone Stamp Tool.

Japanese style pattern by  gimei

Japanese style photoshop patterns

33 Thai Patterns by  mu3i

Thai Patterns

238 textures and patterns by  lexiibabii01

textures and patterns

Photoshop Patterns -2 by  DOGGIEDOGGIE

adobe photoshop patterns

Mellow Mint Photoshop Patterns by  Camxso

lines Photoshop Patterns

Patterns by  3rbo0oj

latest and adobe photoshop patterns for designers

retro PS patterns by  mae b

Retro photoshop patterns

octopus photoshop patterns by  mae b

octopus photoshop patterns

33 Ornament Patterns by  mu3i

Ornament Patterns

10 really cute patterns by  EleanorMorgan

Cute patterns

Softly Plaidly- Peachy Keen by  kittenbella

lines boxes patterns

Lavender Peach Patterns Part3 by  WebTreatsETC

Lavender Peach Patterns

Dice patterns 2 by JenniStock

Dice patterns

Photoshop Patterns – Pack 20 by  punksafetypin

Photoshop Patterns Pack

Pattern 11 by  Ransie3

Pattern 11 by Ransie3

WorldWar II Camouflage Pattern by  silver

World War II Camouflage Pattern

Swirl+Twirl by  Liasmani

Swirl Pattern

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