The mythical creature of fairy is undoubtedly one of the biggest fantasies of everybody. You want to see them, speak with them, fly with them and probably, live with them! Their charm and beauty never misses to startle us.

I myself have grown up watching their dreams. And that is why I made this post.

Scientists ruin the fun when they say that it’s all imagination and nothing real. But even if it is just imagination, my God what imagination. So this post is a tribute to that imagination. A collection of amazing digital paintings of fairies.

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The word fairy is taken from French word féerie which in simple terms means enchantment. The folklore has made this mythical creature into a stupendous fantasy. In a friend’s words, a fairy is Mother Teressa at heart, Ada Lovelace in Brain and Elizabeth Taylor in looks! And she flies and has magical powers!! I’m sure you’ll be dreaming about fairies tonight 🙂

Fairy Digital Paintings

Kara and Wisscha by  mynti

the girl with wings

Moon Fairy by  ptitvinc

Free fairy illuatration

Spirit Guide by  Ironshod

Free Fairy Illustrations

Aurora goddess by  ftourini

Free Fairy illustrations

Water Fairy by  ilo-ka

Free water fairy

Fairy by  coldsnowman

Free Fairy illustration

Fairy Tale by  argot-ma

Free Fairay tale illustration


Forest fairy by  BronzeHalo

Free fairy illustration

Gold Fairy by  khalixti

Free Fairy illustrations


Specula Rosa by  joannastar

Free Faiiry illustration


Reaching by  SkyesFantasy

Free Fairy illustration

Snowflake fairy by  Ironshod

Free fairy illustrations

Forest Fairy by  SvenjaLiv

Free Fairy illustrations

Red Fairy Wallpaper.ver by  Vi2DoubleYu

Free fairy illustration

Fairy by  magpies7

Free fairy illustration

Fairy by  Ironshod

Free fairy illustrations


Rose Fairy by Ironshod

Free fairy illustration


.:Fairy II:. by Mechanismo

Free Fairy illustration


Fairy Tales by applePAI

Free Fairy illustration

Enchanted pool by  Ironshod

Free fairy illustration

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