Graphic designing is not just about designing, experienced designers also give a lot of importance to the fact that how quickly something is designed.

One thing that should enhance your speed of work is using ready-made graphics for your designs, just like the ones we publish for free download. In this tutorial, I’ve used such ready-made graphics to create my design.

I hate it when I’m reading a tutorial (yes, I do study tutorials, I have to stay updated) and the writer takes a whole lot of time just to make one shape. I avoid doing that, instead I use free ready-made resource, and that’s what I did here. I do it to keep the tutorial brief. I hope you like my effort.

I rarely make a grayscale tutorial, that’s because it’s not very commercial, yet they are highly creative. So if you are one of the guys who want more creative work than commercial, shoot a comment and let us know so that we should focus more on this stuff.

This is Final Result

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adobe photoshop poster designing tutorials

Resources Used:

Setting the Background

We are kicking off by opening the background image. Then I converted this image into Desaturated mode. You can do it by hitting  CTRL+Shift+U.

adobe photoshop tutorials cs5

I loaded the map PNG file onto our artwork, set it’s layer style to Overlay and Opacity to 43%.

adobe photohop fresh tutorials

Clip Masks

We’ll be making loads of rectangles now, all will be clip masked to one another.

I just made a rectangle box in the middle of the window and set its opacity to 87% and rotate it.

adobe photoshop tutorials cs5 posters designing

Now I made another rectangle in the middle of the previous one.

adobe photoshop tutorials of poster designing

Now this might sound a little tricky. I made one more rectangle in the middle and then I clip-masked it so it is showing solid black color.
To create a clipping mask, place the image on top of the layer containing the our big rectangle, right click on the shape layer and click Create Clipping Mask.

fashion poster designing tutorials

Again, made a box and clip-masked it.

adobe photoshop tutorials cs6


Now, using the Wireframe Brushes, I created a brush stroke using a very large size stroke.

adobe fresh photoshop tutorials cs5

Another stroke, this one should go a little bit outside. And don’t forget, we have set layer blend mode at Multiply.

how to design a fashion poster in adobe photoshop

adobe photoshop tutorials of cs5

Now I made two more rectangular boxes, the big one is filled with white color and has a big black stroke, the small one is filled with black color and has no stroke.

poster designing tutorials of adobe photoshop

Now I made a clipping mask. The very top rectangle, is clipped with the background. You can see the layer panels image in the screenshot below.

adobe photoshop tutorials cs5

Model Makes Entry

Now it is time for fashion model to enter. I cut her image using Lasso Tool. Then go to Image>Adjustment>Black and white and then adjust these values. This will convert the image into black and white.

adobe photoshop tutorials of cs5

After a bit of transformation, we are ending up here.

adobe photoshop tutorials

Now I just typed some text, it’s likely that you’ll type your slogan here. This is a just a dummy filler text. Set it’s opacity to 25%.

adobe photoshop tutorials cs5 poster designing

 Final Result

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adobe photoshop poster designing tutorials

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