Featuring Katigatorxx Digital Art and Photo Manipulations


This is a collection of photo-manipulation art created by Kaitlyn Christine aka katigatorxx, a superb artist on DeviantArt.

Kaitlyn is from Pennsylvania, US. She likes cats (just like me) and she’s an amazing Photoshopper (just like me). Over a period of time, she has submitted 77 artworks. Of course, all of them are good but I have selected the ten very best of them and sharing here with you guys.

These are all photo manipulations, a form of digital art created by mixing images with special effects. If you’d like to learn how to create such artworks, you can check out our collection of photo manipulation tutorials.

A little about Kaitlyn:

  • Favourite Movie: Running With Scissors, Slumdog Millionaire, The Notebook, P.S. I Love You, along with a lot more
  • Favourite Band or Musician: Nickleback/Chad Kroeger
  • Favourite Genre of Music: Pretty much all genres. If i like it I’ll listen
  • Favourite Artist: Depends on the artwork style
  • Favourite Poet or writer: Edgar Allen Poe, Shakespeare, Aristotle, Stephan King, R. Patrick Gates
  • Favourite Photographer: John Peri, Dave Nitsche, Justin Eaton
  • MP3 player of choice: Sansa
  • Personal Quote: “Misfortune shows those who are not really friends.” – Aristotle

My Little Mermaid

I selected this one because of its color scheme, detailing and over all mystical, dream-like feeling.

My little mermaid


She looks vicious and she looks ready for action, doesn’t she.
BTW, that’s not Kaitlyn.


Field Dancer

I know she is supposed to be a dancer but I am being reminded of Jeannie.

Field Dancer

Forest Fairy

Fairies have to be the most beautiful mythical creature ever thought of. Probably that’s the reason I’m obsessed about fairies.

Forest fairy

Burning Dreams

The pain of breaking all of your bones at once, is no match for pain of one dream burnt.

Burning Dreams

Untitled… With Wings


Castle Stairs

I love the symbolism here. The castle doesn’t seem to be active, but there’s a woman (perhaps princess) is waiting on the stairs leading to the top tower. Who is she waiting for? Or is she deserting the castle life? Or does she wanna come back to her home but reluctant because of what she has done??

Castle Stairs


Another castle, probably somewhere in the east.


Ice Queen

There should be an Ice Queen. Marvel, are you listening?

Ice Queen


This is the thumbnail of this post. In incredibly detailed eye made purely of computer generated imagery. It’s not a real photo. Pretty good, isn’t it.

Mermaid Eye

As you can observe, Kaitlyn really likes mermaids (who doesn’t) and she focuses them a lot in her artworks. That was one of the reasons why I featured here.

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