Free fire fonts and ice fonts in one place. Use them together to create bipolar effect.

Of course, I don’t have describe the use of these fire fonts or ice fonts but there’s a third dimension, watery fonts. You can use some of these ice fonts to create water effect.

These are all highly decorated fonts but I like them for their readability. Even though they are heavily designed, they are very much readable.

Use them wisely and you’re sure to get awesome results out of it.

Ice Fonts and Fire Fonts

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Hultog Snowdrift

Ice font for creating cool breezy effect.

fire fonts

Flaming Tears

I love its name.

fonts for fire effect

Fire Proof

Also a very good font for adding “itchy” effect.

fire proof fonts


Probably not the best choice for common fire font situations, but where this one is required, only this font works.

flame effects in fonts

Generic Uncials SnowCapped

A unique ice font where ‘old english’ meets snow effect.

amazing snow fonts download

Frostbitten Wanker

No comments about the name, otherwise font is pretty cool.

frost effect fonts for designing


Chilly breeze with snow effect. This is one of the most commonly used ice fonts out there.

freezer fonts for download

Ice Caps

This font only has capital letters.

ice caps fonts

Seaweed Fire

Seaweed. On Fire. That’s Odd.

seaweed fire effect fonts


Another well used font for creating fire effect.

flame effect fonts


There was a font with the same name that ruled in the 90s, but that was rather simple font. I like this one more.

frostty effect fonts

Ice Sticks

Nice font, not very common these days.

woody ice sticks


Basically this is one the fire fonts but it can also be used as a floral font. I mean the flames can give impression of plant-life.

fire and ice fonts collection

Winter Ice

Use this ice font with care because it is not easily readable.

winter ice fonts

Icebox Art

icebox art fonts

Johnny Torch

Sounds like a spoof of a James Bond movie.

johnny torch fonts for designing


A decorated font, easy on the eyes. One of my favorites in the list.

snow house fonts for designing

Cheap Fire

This font gives a very realistic fire effect. I recommend it highly but the only problem is that it is a thin font. So it is probably not suitable for most situations.

cheap fire fonts

Royal Inferno

Another font which looks impressive but not that easily readable.

royal fonts for designing

Snowtop Caps

Similar to “Frostbitten Wanker” listed above. This one is more decorated.

snow top caps for designing


Highly readable, very bold!

hot sweat fonts

Snow Traces

If you want to create extreme chill effect, this is the ice font you need.

snow traces fonts


Another ice cool font for creating large size banners or graphics.

modius fonts for designing

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