Fireworks Pictures are always beautiful to see.

In China, fireworks are the symbol of peace, power and happiness. I don’t know about peace and power but no one can disagree with latter of the aspects.

Everybody has a wonderful memory of their childhood when they saw some fireworks. Even today when we see fireworks, the child inside us awakes and makes us feel the same way once again regardless of however aged we are.

It is a wonderful experience, but can we capture this experience in a picture? This was the question I had in mind today, so I started searching and found the answer: Yes!!

Now let’s have a look and some of the best fireworks pictures you have ever seen and also professional tips to snatch such shots.


  • Never ever try to take the shot with your hand, get a tripod.
  • ISO 50-100, that’s it.
  • Set the focus to “infinity”.
  • If your camera has a “fireworks” mode, enable it.
  • Place yourself strategically, somewhere which will create a great view yet it should have low disturbance level. The trick is that you want the fireworks almost at your camera level, not too far above.
  • Don’t just capture the fireworks, try to get other elements also in the frame as details of the photo.
  • You should not be camping against the wind. That’s because fireworks create a lot smoke and you wouldn’t want that smoke to invade your camera lens.
  • Extra memory cards and batteries are a must.
  • Take a lot of pictures, not just a few. You’ll get a few right if you take lots.
  • And of course you’re gonna have to use “bulb” setting due to low exposure.

Fireworks Pictures

Fourth on Lake Austin

fireworks on lake austin

New Year’s fireworks in Helsinki

New Year's fireworks in Helsinki


fireworks in mikaos


extreme fireworks


fireworks schoe


fireworks celebrations

Fireworks & LIGHTNING

fireworks and lightning photography

Flower of Fireworks

flower fireworks

Celebration of Light Fireworks at English Bay

light fireworks

Fireworks Montreal

fireworks through montreal bridge

Walt Disney World Fireworks

walt disney world fireworks

Sant Joan Feast

sant joan fireworks

Colorful Fireworks

colorful fireworks picture

Playing with Fireworks

playing with fireworks photography

Auckland New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Auckland New Year's Eve Fireworks

Fete de Geneve Fireworks

Fete de Geneve Fireworks

Reviving the Child in Me!!

exceptional fireworks

Bursts of Happiness

firework angel


catching the fireworks

Black and white Fireworks

black and white fireworks

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