Fascinating Fish Pictures for Marine Life Lovers

Marine Life can be unbelievably full of wonders, if you have watched that famous James Bond movie, The Spy Who Loved Me, you would know how it can obsess people. The biggest of marine life wonders would obviously be the fish!

There are millions and millions of kinds of fish in the world… and usually, we don’t know much about them. So today I decided to share a collection of amazing fish pictures for your inspiration.

This is an inspiration for photographers, underwater photography is undoubtedly one of the most effort taking types of photography. I tried this only once, and never dared again.

Fish Pictures


They hunt in numbers, and that’s why they are highly successful.

Citadel fishes picture

Yellow in the Blue

Nature’s color schemes are much better than ours.

flock of yellow fishes


Now who’s the superstar of this picture? Sailfish or the Tiger Shark in bottom right.

lots of fishes


No Match!

flock of fishes and shark

Evil King of the Abyss

Seriously, this must the a god.

Evil King of the Abyss


I’m not sure but I think this Longtail can give you a shock of 440 volts.

Longtail jelly fish pictures

Thorny Sea Horse

Ooh, a pony!

sea horse

Lion Fish with Sunburst

Vegetation, lion fish, blue ocean and sunburst. Fish pictures cannot get better.

Lion Fish with Sunburst

Go diving?

So peaceful, so quite… Oh Damn!

huge flock of fishes under boat

The Great Escape

Hey, that’s foul. You go back to air!

sea fish fishes underwater photography

Catching A Fish

That’s fishing, natural style.

boy Catching A Fish with hands

“Help me” said the fish

That’s fishing, eagle style.

eagle hunt a fish

The Cardinal & the Clowns

You can spot clown fish in the center and rest of the yellow fish with black stripes of Cardinal Fish. Beautiful deep sea fish pictures.

clown fishes picture

Flying angel

Except for it’s not flying…. and it’s an angel. It’s called Sting Ray!

sting ray


They call me slow, they call me lazy. I live for 300 hundred years. Beat That!

fishes and tortoise

Big fish eat little fish.

This little fish is called public, red fish is called corporate sector.

big fish eat little fish

Sailfish Hunt

“Run all you can, I assure you, it won’t be a long run” – Sailfish

sailfish hunting

Too Close

Tiger Shark. The name says it all.

Too Close to shark

Cosmic Jellyfish

Jellyfish are one of the few unicellular organisms left on the planet. Unicellular is not a mobile phone company.

tiny cosmic jelly fishes

Colgate Smile

Fish pictures never saw a better looking smile. The smile from hell!


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