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Professional photographs, event-related snapshots, or creative artistic works – whatever media content you have to introduce, it can be done in a variety of attractive ways. Virtually, there is a huge number of solutions for impressive web-based galleries. Designers may creatively deploy slideshows, lightboxes, navigation modes, variously shaped thumbnail structures. Flash gallery techniques offer powerful tools to make images more valuable and simplify the browsing functionalities.
When it comes down to navigation aspects, some galleries have a sliding dock at the bottom to provide a quick access to the high-resolution photos, activate a slideshow, give an option to go next/previous, or turn thumbnails on/off. Others may feature the top navigation that will allow visitors to quickly jump to different levels including various view modes, spherical and flat rectangular for instance. Actually, when we talk about interactive 3D spaces in web galleries, it is a good way for designers to load all images on the homepage. This technique is optimized for using various interfaces including 3D walls, squares, photo tunnels, stacks, or spheres. And it’s for sure one of the most spectacular options to present images online.
The photo thumbnails may also be scattered around randomly. This gives an exciting impression of tangible photo variety, as if you are capable of touching or taking them. Very often we may see the photos arranged in grayscale color palette. Upon being clicked on any thumbnail, the photo is being brought to the front and turned to the color mode. So when you are viewing the photo, it puts the main focus on the image and hides everything else. That’s also an interesting technique to keep in mind, because dark backgrounds make other colors stand out, so it is a perfect choice for galleries of art and photography. Besides, once a thumbnail is clicked, the image may pop up as a scaled up or it may automatically enter a fullscreen mode.
Sometimes when you click on any thumbnail, the image may allow you to zoom in and out, or you’ll see an awesome fly-out effect with the photo thumbnails look like they are flowing in the air. It is also possible to creatively use the thumbnails to form words or to display a series of images like a carousel. Web developers contrive an impressive ways to engage you.
Still, all these techniques are rather complicated to accomplish by someone with no Flash/programming/designing knowledge. If you need a photo gallery which is professional and easily updatable, you’d better address TemplateMonster. The Flash photo gallery Templates they offer demonstrate the excellent use of Flash technology to create beautiful photo portfolios, plus they have an extremely easy admin panel that leaves nothing to be desired. With any of TemplateMonster’s photo galleries, site owners have a bunch of neat tools such as for example adding comments to the images and setting preview details (width, height, spacing etc.) and managing the images online (crop tool, flip, rotate and resize). Besides, the huge discount of 40%, that is currently active for the Flash photo gallery templates category, will enable the customers to save quite a sum on each purchase. So have a look and use this perfect opportunity to have an up-and-running professional portfolio in a few hours, with your money saved.

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