When I started my career in the web design industry, I had no mentor so I was destined to make mistakes, and of course I did make my share of them. Thankfully, I learned from all of them and now you shouldn’t suffer from the same dilemmas.

Today I’ll give you a few tips which you should always follow to get ahead of your competitors. These tips are effective if you are in this field for good. If you intend to switch your profession in near future, this might not be the policy you want to follow.

No Short Term

There are many websites that provide freelance work. And you probably were/are attracted towards it. The job you’ll find there will be very poorly paid  in most cases because it is usually outsourced to you by somebody who has deducted a commission from it. Since the project was not officially given to YOU, you can’t claim it’s your design.

This kind of freelance work can be good in the beginning but you certainly cannot rely on it. You will always stay hand-to-mouth and gain no publicity for your brand. Your focus should always be to get permanent clients who know you and can pass recommendations to others

Don’t Spend, Invest

using money right way

When you save a little money or time (time is money) for yourself, don’t just spend (waste) it, invest it. Learn something new, like initial networking, business administration, communication skills etc. This is because in this era, you can’t succeed in IT by doing just one task.

Your designing skills are very important but today a designer with inferior designing skills can be more successful than you just because he can communicate with clients better, or he can get a job because he can work on a network better than you, so you need to focus on the rest of the aspects too.

Whenever I saved some money and time, I always went traveling, I never thought about investing it. Traveling and having fun is vital but having fun all the time is disastrous.

Publicize Yourself

market your business

This is one of the most important areas to utilize your free time. Publicizing yourself on the Internet can bring you many customers. For this publicity you should list yourself in all the relevant directories, make fan pages on Facebook, be active on web design help forums, start writing for web  design blogs (such as Designzzz of course) and so on – the bottom line is that you can and should get your name out.

I remember that we interviewed a guy once and when we asked him about the works he has done in the past, he replied “google me!” You should also be able to say this.

I should mention that listing yourself in the relevant categories is the most important. I think I’ll write a whole article next week about publicizing yourself on internet.


Rejecting freelancer sites altogether wouldn’t be a good idea but you must not focus on them. They will ruin your career. Life is short and we have to play intelligently. If we want to think about the future, we think long term and such outsourced contracts will get you nowhere. Publicize yourself on internet as much as you can. Make a resume value, and always keep on learning.

If you have any questions, please do comment and don’t forget to tune in next week.

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