If content is king then fonts have to be the crown. Font is the element that influences the reader’s mind most in a design and probably that’s the reason we designers pour over so much before finalizing the fonts for our design projects.

Since fonts play such a crucial role in designing, we often share font related posts here on Designzzz.com, and today is just one of those days.

Today will we will briefly check out some of the coolest websites that offer truly premium standard font deals and how should you make use of them.

What is a font bundle?

Spring Font

A font bundle is just like any other design resources deal, the same kind of deal that you get on MightyDeals or Dealotto. But of course, a font bundle consists of only fonts.Usually a range of fonts and can range from a few up to 40-50 fonts at a time. Of course the price is determined by how many fonts you get but you can usually save upwards of 95% on font bundles.

Do we need font bundles?

Does a mechanic need tools? Of course we need design resources, especially fonts. If you are thinking why we should buy a font bundle when most of the fonts are free… then you are wrong!
Actually, fonts are seldom free for commercial use. Hence the need for a premium font provider in a market of free personal use fonts.

There are many websites that provide free fonts such as DaFont and UrbanFonts but actually, most of the fonts you see over there do not allow designers to use those fonts commercially.

So if those fonts are not free, what should a designer do? Well, the usual way is that you go to a font selling website such as Fonts.com and buy the font you need with a commercial license. But let me tell you something. You can’t do that!

The prices on font selling websites are so impractically high that it is impossible for a common designer to do shopping over there. Let me show you an example:

Font Price Example

This font costs almost 1300 US Dollars. You tell me, can you afford it?

Even when they are selling a font with huge discount, it looks something like this:

Discount Font Price

After 90% discount, it will still cost you over a hundred dollars.

So what should a designer with modest means do?

FontBundles to the rescue!

There’s a site called FontBundles.net and this is where you can find extremely beautiful and useful fonts on ridiculously low rates:

Fonts that usually cost hundreds of dollars get sold here on mediocre prices of 10 to 20 dollars. But the best thing is that they do not give you any license BS. If you buy a font you can use it personally and commercially in a whole range of projects without worry. The simplified license makes it a lot easier to know where you stand than with other font providers.

Font Bundles also offer free fonts (like slashing 96% from the real price wasn’t enough) and a few of those fonts also come with commercial license. Bonus!

Currently, to the best of my knowledge (and I have excellent knowledge of these things) Font Bundles offer the largest collection of font deals anywhere on the internet.

Here are some other features from Font Bundles that I really like:

  • These are PUA encoded fonts so you don’t need any fancy software.
  • You get both OTF and TTF files.
  • All font deals come with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • They also reply quickly if you have a question. They provide support on web and Facebook.
  • They sell really gorgeous fonts created by some seriously talented designers. The quality of the fonts is something I find admiring in this site.

Font Bundle

Bottom line:

We need high quality fonts for nearly every project and now we can get really beautiful fonts at extremely affordable prices on Font Bundles. So, if you need to buy fonts, check out Font Bundles, I think you won’t be disappointed.ss

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