Do you know anything about cloud operating systems? If not, this article is the “post of the century” for you.

An internet based (cloud) operating system gives you the power to store your data and settings online on a cyber operating system so that it is available to you even on public PCs. Moreover, some allow you to connect to your online OS using a mobile phone. This post is a collection of FREE web based online operating systems, a.k.a. cloud operating systems.

The biggest boom in cloud computing would be when Google launches its cloud based operating system, Chrome. But that is still under development and it will take some time before they release a final version.

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A free desktop based operating system. It is considered as one of the most popular online operating systems available. Free account has 3GB storage and premium one gets 100 Gigs. Premium costs about $40 per year. It can be also integrated with iPhone.

absolutely free cloud operating system

iCloud includes:

  • Application Designer
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Internet Browser
  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Console
  • Command prompt interface for icloud
  • Contacts Manager
  • Google Maps
  • Help Center and Starter Guide
  • Image Finder
  • Image Finder finds images on icloud and on several search engines
  • Instant Messenger
  • Music, Online Radio and Movie Players
  • iTweet
  • Mail Client
  • Money Manager (Money Tracking Application)
  • RSS feed catcher
  • Sticker Note and Todo
  • Notepad
  • Presentation Maker
  • Unzip Archive
  • WidgetBox
  • Word Processor
  • XML Editor with Validator
  • icloud Developer Community


This one is still in its beta, and that’s why it is free. Cloudo web based OS focuses on collaboration tools and is not the best of choices for personal work.

free desktop os


This is a little different product than the others. EyeOS allows you to install a cloud operating system on your own server and make your clients / employees work online by connecting to your server.

free desktop Operating system


You need to download it and install to work in it.

Original Description: it is an easy-to-use, multi-user and cross-browser “Web Desktop Environment”, “Web Operating System” or “Web Office” and comes with a set of cool applications.

free simple cloud os


This operating system is catching the eyes of many these days, definitely worth a check. It installs a plugin in your web-browser, that’s all you need. It’s Ad-free and focused on security, productivity and collaboration.

free 30 gb cloud operating system


It’s simple, it’s free and it does not require any installation. Does not offer as much applications as some of the others, but it’s targeted for newbies, so it has its own significance in the market.

Web Based operating system

Zimdesk OS

Free and simple, yet powerful online web based operating system. This runs completely in browsers and does not require any installation. Zimdesk OS is also rated highly.

Free cloud based operating system

Cloud by Good OS

This OS hasn’t been released yet but it is creating a hype in the professional circles. I’m just sharing it so that you could also keep an eye on the updates of Cloud.

Internet Based Operating System

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