We recently published a list of the best Freeware Photoshop Alternatives. GIMP was the winner of that list and it is the second most used photo editing program after Adobe Photoshop. Today I’m sharing a huge collection of GIMP Brushes. Your collection will grow by vector brushes, mask brushes and grunge brushes.

Most of these brushes are converted from Photoshop brushes, so if you like any brush set and want the same for Photoshop, just visit the source and you are likely to find a link of the same brush for Photoshop. To make that visit, just click the title of the brush pack.  If you like GIMP, just tell me so and I will be start making GIMP posts on regular basis.

Grunge Brushes

GIMP Grunge Brush Pack 2 by akisu-sama

Free Grungy Brushes

Gimp Grunge Brushes 2 by pookstar

Free Grungy Brushes

Grunge Rising Sun GIMP Brushes by annadigiovanni

Free Grunge-effect Brush Set

Cracks Brushes by Miamoto

Free GIMP Grunge Brush Set

xBlblx’s Grunge Brush set by xBlblx

Free GIMP Brushes

NJSmokyJR’s Grunge Brushes by NJSmokyJR

Free GIMP Brush Pack

GIMP Grunge Brushes by HippieKender

Free Brush Pack

Sparkle Grunge Brush Set by Raveclash

Free Brushes for GIMP

ThruItAll-SpikeyGrunge Brushes by ThruIsTia

Free GIMP Brush Set

GIMP-Grungelove-6Brushes by Chrisdesign

free download

Cracks and Decay Brush Set by ajsk84life

Free Brush Downloads

Mask Brushes

Large Mask Brush Shiny Bubbles by palabravampiress

Free Brushes or GIMP

Masks Brushes for Gimp by blueeyedmagickman

More Mask Brushes by Sarah-Dipity

Brush Pack for GIMP

mask brushes by Sarah-Dipity

Free Brush Pack

Mutsie’s Misc Masks 54by PStoGIMPbrushes

Free Download

Vector Brushes

GIMP Vector Foliage-Plants by Project-GimpBC

Free GIMP brush pack


Free Brush Pack

Vector Brush Pack For Gimp by CSVII


Free Brush Set

Spirograph Brushes for Gimp by vrhmq7

Spiral Shapes Brush

BubbleGum Princess by MarmiteMamie

Free GIMP brushes

gigavector2 brush pack by gigatwo

Free brush packs

Vector gimp brushes by IMdotMS

Free Brush Sets

Vector Art Brush by r-fl

Free GIMP Brushes

Reflex’s Vector Brushes Pack 1 by Project-GimpBC

Free Brush Set

12 GIMP Circle Retro Brushes by Ln213

Free Brush Packs

Vector Brush Set – Circles by Yogee30

V3 – Three Brushes for gimp by game-flea

GIMP Brush Set

Reflex’s Vector Brushes Pack 2 by Project-GimpBC

Free Vectors Brush for GIMP

GIMP Splatter Brushes by monsoonami

Free Brush Set

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