I have been sharing photoshop custom shapes before, but they were very lightweight because we provided an all-in-one download pack of all the featured resources. But I often stumbled upon Photoshop custom shapes which were heavy in the file size (usually more than 5-6 MBs) and had we made an all-in-one file of those, it would have been a pretty big download. So today I decided to make a post and feature only those big ones.

These Photoshop Custom Shapes are mostly very detailed ones, so they are supposed to be brilliant. And of course, as I mentioned, you’ll have to download them individually.

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Photoshop Custom Shapes

free custom shapes for designers


free photoshop custom shapes for designers


adobe photoshop custom shapes download for free


free aircrafts custom shapes of adobe photoshop

Sacred Geometry Custom Shapes

adobe photoshop custom shapes

12 Chat PS Custom Shapes

custom shapes for designers


adobe photoshop free custom shapes

Free 30 Custom Shapes

free comic book shapes for designers

Warhammer Shapes for Photoshop

adobe photoshop custom shapes

nature shapes csh

useful free custom shapes for designers

Atom and Molecule

science fiction shapes for designers

Ornaments  ahmad alshayal

huge collection of photoshop custom shapes

Custom Flames

adobe photoshop custom shapes

Random Photoshop Shapes

random shapes for graphic designers

Hearts Shapes for Photoshop

great collection of adobe photoshop custom shapes for designers

Spot Custom Shapes

gothic custom shapes for designers

“Hope” Graffiti Custom Shapes

custom shapes for creative graphic

Ink Drops Custom Shapes

ink spot custom shapes for designers

Jungle Foliage Custom Shapes

jungle custom shapes collection for graphic designers

Stock girls Shapes

free girls custom shapes collections for graphic designers download

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