This post is a collection of some very useful Custom Shapes, a.k.a. Vector Shapes for Photoshop.

As you might have noticed, I’ve decided to focus on posts around previously untouched topics here. Besides, the quality of posts which Ayaz made earlier when Designzzz was initiated, is so astonishing that I dare not to compete with it.

I have shared some free PSDs, but nothing like this. These shapes work in the same manner as any other vector object created with Pen tool or a similar vector set of tools.

Here’s a brief tutorial to add any Custom Shape into Photoshop, follow these steps. The same method works with many of the prior versions of Adobe Photoshop.

  • Select Custom Shapes Tool

Adobe Photoshop

  • In Shape dropdown list, click Load Shapes

Photoshop Tutorial

Pretty simple, isn’t it…

Now let’s have a look at the resources.

Household Custom Shapes Pack by glassbitch

Free Downloads

Photoshop Shapes – Hot babes by mutato-nomine

Free Download

Banner + Scrolls Custom Shapes by redheadstock

Adobe Photoshop Plugin

Photoshop Shapes v.6 and Above by mutato-nomine

Free for Photoshop

50s Custom Shapes Pack by richardperkins

Photoshop Vector Graphics

Custom Shapes by lassekorsgaard

for Adobe Photo shop

30 SHAPES COLLECTION by danijeL-one

Adobe Photoshop Extension

Sacred Geometry Custom Shapes by merrypranxter

Adobe Photoshop CS5

Yoga Photoshop Custom Shapes by darkmis29

Vector Art for Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop Shapes: Graffiti by lukeroberts

Free Download

Circles Shapes by AimhaDesign

Circle Brushes

Custom Shapes: WW2 Planes by jackroberts

Vectors for Adobe Photoshop

Custom Shapes: Maritime by lukeroberts


Halloween Custom Shapes by redheadstock

Free downloadables

Photoshop Shapes: Heraldry by lukeroberts

Free Custom Shapes

Photoshop Custom Shapes by deviartART

Custom Shapes: Aircraft by lukeroberts

Vector Custom Shapes

Custom Shapes: Birds by lukeroberts

Vectors for Photoshop

Urban Designs Custom Shapes by redheadstock

Free Vector Graphics for Adobe Photoshop

Custom Shapes: Guns Updated by lukeroberts

Free Custom Shapes

Thumbnail courtesy aboynamedmhark

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