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We have been wishing you new year all this week, lol… and here we are doing it once again. This is another new year related post. This time, I made something myself.

These are Photoshop brushes which will help you in designing cards and graphics related to new year. And these are for all the years to come, they won’t expire after 2012 (although if the world ends, Designzzz can’t do anything about that).

I don’t have to remind you that these are royalty-free so you can use them, distribute them, you don’t have take a permission from us. Now that’s called free!!

Warm wishes once again, and see you in the next year now. This is my last post of 2011.

Notice: drinking too much on the new year’s eve can get you into trouble. (A public service message by Waseem)

happy new year 2012 latest adobe photoshop brushes download pack

Brush Strokes Displayed

2012 happy new year

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