Get these floral custom shapes for Photoshop absolutely free.

Floral, such as flowers, vines etc., are frequently required by designers. Sometimes, the problem we designers face is that we find floral brushes but not many custom shapes. And we all know, when we create vectors, we need custom shapes, not brushes.

So here’s me, to the rescue! This is a set of 10 free custom shapes which create flowers, leaves and other flower vectors.

As usual, these custom shapes, like most of my resources are free for commercial use and kinds of uses out there… so go crazy!

Note: You are free to use them in any way but don’t try to sell them, that would be a violation! And if you’d like to share these custom shapes with another photoshopper, give them the link Designzzz, don’t just share the downloaded file. That’s all I ask for in return 🙂

Floral Custom Shapes

royalty-free custom shapes for photoshop.

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Download Free Floral Custom Shapes for Photoshop

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