Free HTML CSS Web Templates

Free… this is the most affordable price you can get. And that’s the price we are bringing you today.

This is a collection of free web templates. This is a mixed collection, you’ll find templates for all kinds of uses, such as business, corporate, personal etc. etc. etc.

Since all these templates are highly customizable, you can easily adjust them according your needs.

Of course, this stuff is not for the beginners, but intermediate level designers would love these.

HTML CSS Web Templates

Wood Working

Elegant wood background. This template is suitable for business as well as personal pages.

wood work Free Html CSS Template


This one has a more personal look. Dark design looks cool for websites using loads of images.

folder html css web layout

Book Store

Name of the template says it all. I feel this design can also fit for a spa website.

book store website design


Carousel or image gallery type design. Jewelers should like it.

html css carousel web design

Glossy Box

Some designers believe that such designs are outdated… but old is gold.

glossy box free html css theme


If you wanna flash the visitor’s eyes.

liquid html css layout

Musical Instruments

You’ll need time to customize this design if you want to use it any other way than music.

musical instrument web layout

Free Software

This is a typical small business web design.

free software web layout


Looks cool, noise is good. What’s there not to like.

accordion style website theme

Light Gray

This is a highly customizable template. You can adjust it for almost any kind of website.

light gray html css layout


I love the lioness’s tongue.

zoo html css design


Love silver gray?

calliope silver gray template


In my opinion the web design isn’t that extreme. Probably this is why the wiseguy said “What’s in the name”.

xtreme web theme


Easily customize-able. Semi-dark design.

halcyonic html css theme download

Elegant Blue

I added it, just for the gradient.

elegant blue html css template

Design Company

Check out the menu.

Design company web theme

Free Hosting

Ideal for small-time reseller hosters.

HTML Template


Cool design but only for personal pages.

cardex html css layout

Blog Design

Blog web design, nicely designed and easily editable.

blog design html css theme

Agro World

This is category which’s templates are very rare to find.

agriculture website layout

Wooden Wall

Even though, the design is made to look like a business layout, but I feel this is a personal page layout.

wooden wall web layout

Fruit Art

This web template is suitable for chefs, catering companies and bakeries.

fruit art web layout

Design Team

Template for a design studio.

design team website theme

Design Studio

Another design studio web template.

Design Studio Website Design

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