These are free Illustrator brushes that all designers need. All of them are free to download.

Just like Photoshop brushes, Illustrator brushes help designers to make impressive designs in a quick hassle-free manner.

Such brushes can be used for adding borders, background elements and many other kinds of design elements that create spark in the overall design.

In order to download a brush pack, all you have to do is clicking on the title of the brush pack. By doing so, you’ll reach the creator’s download page and there will be a download button waiting for you.

Illustrator Brushes

Mouagip’s Brushy Brushes

Basic swirl like brushes not just for creating drawings but you can also make creative eraser strokes.

free adobe illustrator brushes

Rough Brushes

These are rough brush strokes or smudge like strokes.

rough illustrator brushes pack

Horse Brushes

Free illustrator brushes shaped like horses.

free horse vector brushes

technix brush pack

These are unique shapes, you might use them as borders, separators or try them as elements to decorate your designs. These are multipurpose Adobe Illustrator brushes.

free brushes of illustrator

Standard brushes

This Illustrator brush set contains mixed kind of collection. You can find shapes, borders, backgrounds everything.

vector brushes collection

Swirly Brushes

These Adobe Illustrator brushes contain creative swirls. The pack is not a big one, but useful one.

swirl brushes for illustrator

Marker Pen Strokes AI Brushes

This is a big pack of 64 free brushes, and they make strokes as if a marker made them.

marker effect vector brushes of illustrator

Dotted Brushes and Patterns AI

This mainly is a set of patterns that works like a brushset. You create a brush stroke and that stroke is filled by such a pattern that you see in the screenshot below.

dotted brushes with pattern effect

Swirl rocks brushes

This is a semi-ornamental, semi-floral kind of brush pack for Adobe Illustrator.

swirl rock brushes of illustrator

Bling illustrator style kit

Now who doesn’t like a bit of bling bling!

bling brushes for glliter effect

Illustrator Thick Brushes

Just some brushes pressure sensitive brushes. Thick is keyword here, and stylus is required for using these brushes to their full potential.

heavy brushes for illustrator

Illustrator Pattern Brushes

This pack contains 15 brushes. You can see them all in the screenshot below.

illustrator pattern brushes

Illustrator brushes

Illustrator brushes for designing valentine’s day material.

Rounded brushes of illustrator

Easy Hair Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

I love the first one on the last line. I’ve never seen a woman wearing this hairstyle.

easily make hairs in illustrator

Illustrator CS2 Brushes

It contains shapes like cars etc.

car illustrator brushes

Zazzy Illustrator Brushes

If you change “s” from “z” then “sassy” becomes “zazzy”…. amazing, isn’t it?

free llustrator brushes

Chalk Illustrator brushes

I always wanted chalk brushes for Illustrator, I’ve finally found them.

free collection of brushes

Illustrator Grunge Brushes

Grunge was the hype a couple of years ago in all design circles. Then “flat” came over.

grunge effect brushes for illustrator

sports illustrator brush set

I see footballs, soccer balls, dices, basket balls… and steroid tablets? What???

regular illustrator brushes for free

Circles and Drips – Brushes

I’m not sure what they are but I can think of many ways to use them.

abstract circle brushes for illustrator

illustrator brush

Created by the same designer who created one two levels above, the sports and steroids one.
Note: by steroids, I’m creating humor, they are not steroids.

basic object brushes for illustrator

Flourish Illustrator Brushes

The screenshot says it all.

great pack of llustrator brushes

Talk bubbles brushes

These are scribble style callout shapes. You can use these Illustrator brushes for depicting thoughts of a person or you can show speaking words in these shapes to make a person look childish, stupid or cute.

scribble vector brushes

Illustrator Pattern Brushes

These are not multipurpose Illustrator brushes but where you need these brushes, only these would fulfill the need.

pattern in illustrator brushes

Free Brush Set

Another set of illustrator brushes with creative swirls.

free illustrator brushes

mycanthus brush pack

These are total of 10 Illustrator brushes.

latest brushes for illustrator


These are one of the resources for which you might not find use immediately. But keep them, they will come handy one day.

spanner brushes

Brushes in Illustrator CS2

This is one of the basic set of Illustrator brushes that all of the routine graphic designers should have. This is a multipurpose set that comes handy while performing various tasks.

free collection of vector brushes

Victorian vector brush pack

Victorian age ornament style Illustrator brushes.

victorian vectors brush pack

Lineart Brush -updatedRetro Geometric Lines

Lineart is a brush set Illustrator that lets you create images as seen in the screenshot.

make line art illustrator brush

Hair and line art brush for AI

This is for creating hair. You can draw your characters and then add hair with this brush.

hairs in illustrator brushes

Postage Stamp Edge Brush

These Illustrator brushes contain only the border section of post stamps.

postage stamps brushes

Rope Brushes

Nobody likes leashes, but I like these ropes.

free rope brushes

Croatian national Border

I don’t know much about Croatia, but I like this border.

national brushes

Illustrator Wedges

This… this… I don’t know what this is.

free brushes of illustrator

Text Brushes

This is my favorite brush pack from the post.

vector text brushes

Gems – Pearls Scatter Brushes

Add a few of these and women will love your designs.

scattered gems brushes

Fine Hairbrush

They say hairstyles change but long hair always stay in fashion.

hair brushes for illustrator cs5

3 free brushes

You can see the three brushes in this brush set.

collection of free brushes

30 Illustrator Pattern Brushes

There are 30 Illustrator brushes in this pack, and they all look like this.

bundle of application resources

Chalk Decorative Brushes

Another chalk like brush pack for Illustrator.

application and software resources

lino cut brushes

These are unique, artistic line cut brushes for Adobe Illustrator.

line brushes of illustration

50 Killer Retro Starbursts

If you were a guy raising in the 50s, you’d know that this wasn’t as famous as it is considered now.

retro look illustrator brushes

Circles Brush Pack

These are circle brushes for Illustrator. I made similar brushes for Photoshop.

free abstract brushes

10 Chainsaw Line Brushes for Illustrator

Chainsaws are the favorite tool of men, so these brushes are ideal for designs related to men.

chain saw brushes

Scatter brushes pack for Illustrator

These brushes make scattered circles.

splatter vector brushes

Illustrator Vine Brushes

Vines, you can use them any design related to environment, serenity or anything related to plants or botany.

free natural vector brushes

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