Free Image Processing Tools for Photo Refinement

A photo can never look good without processing. Earlier this processing was done in image labs, today you can do this on your computer. Adobe Lightroom is the most famous tool for image processing, but as all the Adobe products, it is more than expensive. So today I searched and collected some of the best free Adobe Lightroom Alternatives.

All these photo editors perform various tasks such as color and hue adjustment, brightness and gamma adjustments, noise removal, tonal settings and all the required photo processing tools. This kind of processing cannot be considered as Photoshopping, this is just the art of photography.

One of the best photo enhancer and image editors available. Better than even many paid ones. This easy-to-use feature rich program is recommended to amateurs and home users.

free image processor

Lightbox 2.0

Image processor controls many different aspects simultaneously, giving you an intuitive feel for your photos. This tool would only be helpful for photographers.

free image processor


If you need an image processor which can open many image formats and enhance your photos by adding effects such as light, color, contrast, denoise and other routine basic processes.

free adobe lightroom alternative


This is a one-in-all solution for all your photo needs. It is a full-featured image viewer, an editor which can perform all the basic functions of enhancement.

image viewer, editor, splitter, batch process


One of the most trusted and used tools in photographer communities. Apart from the basic functions of hue, gamma and contrast, it can apply advanced photo effects as well. A must try software.

Image Analyzer

If you’re looking for a powerful tool, you may cease your efforts – its addons take its functionality to a whole new level. Still I personally feel that this is designed in a user-friendly way. You may get bored working on it, but I assure you, the results will not be boring.

photo editor

Photo POS Pro

The Pro edition is free now. This is an “almost photoshop” kind of a software.

image editor


A complete photo suit that corrects red eye, blurring, and other defects, organize photos—all information is stored in pictures, you can freely use it in any other program. You can also create 3D pictures, greeting cards and other cool stuff.


Based on Gimp 2, it is a photo enhancement software equipped with many editing tools as well. Gimp Lovers must try it.

free photo editor

These are the most effective tools I found. There were of course many others but there’s no point in making a big gigantic list which only creates confusion.

Lightbox Screenshot Courtesy Windows Guides

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