Today i am presenting in-depth reviews of website builders available online, so that you can choose the best according to your needs.

Online Website Builders are usually designed for users who just want good results in a short amount of time. Websites made with these web builders are not always coded in the best way possible, but then again – they do save a lot of time.

These Online Web Builders are a choice for newbies and non-professionals who just want to make a presentation on the web for their business, family or anything else you can imagine.

All prominent web hosts offer these online Web Builders these days and it is one of the main features in their “Why Choose Us” list.

The Free package usually places some advertisements on the website you make. These ads don’t distract too much, usually they are just Google Ads or a link back to the Web Builder. The web builders also offer Paid packages as the solution for these ads.

Reviews of Website Builders

Wix is a very special Web Builder. You can create eye-catching flash websites with it in minutes, without any coding or programming skills. If you hire a web designer to make such a site, you’ll need to pay him at least a three figure amount.

Wix does it for free. Their slogan says it all: “Drag & Drop. No programming. Search engine friendly”. Though this is not a very old company, over 8 Million sites have been made using Wix.



SITE123 is one of my favorite platforms when it comes to website builders, and that is because it is created by keeping in mind the problems users are facing in other builder systems and sites.

The system is so easy-to-use that you can’t make mistakes. You can easily access tons of pre-built layouts and templates, all you need to do is fill them in with your content and you are ready to go! All for Free!

Another plus point is there amazing 24/7 Live chat Support, So if you have any issues they are literally available to help all the time. And ofcourse like all other builders, their code is SEO friendly and Responsive!

Check out this cool video demonstrating what SITE123 is capable of.

Simple, easy to use website builder, no coding knowledge required. Dozens of template designs from which you can choose the template that suits your needs.

But according to me, the key feature of Weebly is the Domain Hosting. If you have a domain, you can publish your Weebly site on that and no one will know that you made the website for free. The 2nd Feature is No Ads. They say “we don’t place ads, and we never will”. You are allowed to put Google Ads so that you could make some money out of your site.

Screenshot of

Yola inclines towards Business websites. The tools and services they offer are specifically targeted to small business owners. The price plan for paid packages is also a bit higher, compared to their rivals. They seem to be worth it nevertheless.

One thing I should mention is that they are very proud of their customer support. A good customer support is always a grand advantage, so you should consider them whenever making a website. Screenshot

One of the most popular Online Web Builders available. In fact, it is so popular that almost all of good subdomain names have been captured. Just like dot com, it is very difficult to find a domain name of your priority. We can only guess the cause -an excellent domain name,

Get Shopped
This is a free Online Shop maker. It is not a versatile service, but for creating a shop online easily and with all the high level features, Get Shopped works like a charm. Screenshot

A dream comes true for the newcomers, techies don’t find it that attractive. Fast, easy and free, these three words define Webnode in the best manner. You can make a blog or create a website. They are well worth a try. screenshot

The biggest feature of Jimdo, according to me, is that with a graphical looking website, you can create a shopping cart. So selling products online becomes simple and this feature alone makes Jimdo shine – most of the other website builders don’t offer anything congeneric. screenshot

Web Starts
This web builder is not actually that popular, but they happen to have quite a few virtues. You can use your own domain, that’s a big convenience. Another perk of using Web Starts is their compatibility with search engines.

Overall, Web Starts is good for Business websites, but less useful for Portfolios and such sites demanding graphic elements. Screenshot

Doodle Kit
I said WebStarts is not a good tool for making portfolios, albums and such stuff. On the other hand, Doodle Kit is perfect for all that. It also allows you to create a CMS. Doodle Kit has received some great review comments by renowned internet sites, so they are also worth a try. Screenshot

This list cannot be completed without Moonfruit. Before saying anything about it, I should mention that over 3 million sites have been made with Moonfruit.

One of the main reasons it has received so much success is that it stays as far away from any ads as possible. There are several additional assets as well; it deserves a little bit of your time. This builder is quite appropriate for creating personal pages. Screenshot

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