This is a collection of photography apps for iPhone and photography apps for iPad.

This post is intended for people who take photography seriously. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, if you like to photography, this collection is for you!

Here, you’ll find tools that come handy for capturing the perfect shot, and you’ll also find tools that will create magic during post-process.

I guarantee you, if you don’t have these apps installed already, you have no idea what you are missing.

These are the apps which work with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You can find all these applications in the Apple Store.

Free Photography Apps for iPhone (Universal)

Photoshop Express by Adobe


Photoshop for iPhone and iPad

Made by the mighty Adobe itself, but of course, nothing compared to the real (desktop version) Photoshop.
This free app can take care of all the basic needs of a photographer during post-processing. If you are looking just one app that takes care of your pictures, this is the app to pick.

Hello Photo!


HelloPhoto converts your film into digital images

HelloPhoto is enabled to resurrect photos captured on negatives and traditional slides. This actually revives the art form that is slowly being overlooked in the hustle and bustle of digital media. This is one of the Macworld’s “Seven valuable iPad apps for photographers” (10/12/11) iTunes Staff Favorites (2/17/2011) Hit the top 10 app in every country Over 50,000 downloads. Now that’s a cool portfolio!

iRetouch Lite


iRetouch for iPhone

An upper-level photo editing tool that can help you to make super creative, yet unrecognizable retouches. You can do it all on your iPhone.



PhotoTouch for iPhone

This is a multidimensional photo editor that can take care of all the common tasks you want done on a photo. It is also a pretty effective effect maker.

Super Camera Free: ALL-IN-1


Super Camera Free

Super Camera basically a camera app. It shows the camera inside out. There won’t be a single feature you don’t know about the camera.

Field Tools


Field Tools is one of the best photography apps for iPhone

This is another remarkable tool for professionals or beginning professionals. This app can calculates depth of a subject, and suggests best camera settings for taking the shot. This should be a great app for news photographers specifically and everybody else generally.




This is something amateurish…  but hey, sometimes even the pros like to be a little amateur.
This is a tool for creating color manipulation. The author calls it “color splash”.



SPPhotoFixL is a photo retouching tool for iPhone

A very intuitive tool. If you are in the beginning stages of your photography career then you must use this app.
It performs the basic functions such as brightness, contrast, color and hue etc. or in other words, performs photo lab effects.

FilterMania 2


FilterMania 2 is one of the best newbie photogrphy apps for iphone and ipad.

This is the mother of all Photo Filter apps for iPhone. It contains over 300 filters, and for that FilterMania stands as one of the very best effect maker photography apps for iPhone.
You can also mix filter-on-filter for creating never ending mix of visual styles. You can also add realistic special effects such as Rain, Solar Flare, Water Splash, Autumn Leaves, Frost, Thunderbolt, Birds, Rain Forest, Rainbow and others.



Camera Plus for iPhone

Have you been a photographer for past 20 years? Or are you just learning to hold the camera?? It doesn’t matter!
Camera+ makes taking photos a pleasure. It is a very popular app that contains all the commonly used screen modes, filters and camera tools. This is a tool you need give your photos a professional touch.



Luminance for iPhone and iPad

You can effortlessly add effects to your pictures. Choose any from the built-in library of presets, crop the area you want and copy edits you have made and apply the same edits to other photos. That’s just like creating and action and repeating (if you don’t work with Photoshop much, I apologize for this example).



Pixlr-o-Matic is a photo editor for iPhone and iPad

With over 2 million combinations to make your photos will look spectacular!
This fun and simple darkroom app makes it easy to add an effect, overlay and border to get that retro, grunge, clean or stylish look, all in just three simple steps. And with more options than any other photo app, you will never be out of new styles.



Helga is a filter on Camerabag

CameraBag can instantly emulate photography’s most iconic and impact making camera, film and processing techniques. If you love photography, I recommend this app.

Free Photography Apps for iPad

These apps work with iPad only.

TiltShift Generator


TiltShift Generator for iPad - Fake DSLR

Do you know what tilt-shift photography is all about? This nifty little app lets you create that effect. You can apply the radical depth-of-field effects to any of your pictures.



Photosmith for iPad is a mighty tool for Photographers

As the name suggests, this is a mighty photography app. Photosmith can synchronize your mobile device with your desktop computer’s Adobe Lightroom. You can connect with a wire or even in wireless manner. Sort, edit and filter your photos. Organize them and make collections. Apply ratings and color labels. To conclude, this is an app for pros.



Timeless Photos

This app is not basically for pros. Timeless Photo App is about an art form that was almost impossible to create without wasting many hours in a darkroom and spending loads of hours editing photos. Now you do it with a click.

Folio HD


FolioHD for iPad

You can personally connect to the models, makeup artists, hair stylists and all the technicians and creatives of “Folio” app. This is the visual experience that is sure to amaze with its saturation, contrast, clarity and talent.



PosePad is one of the best photography apps for iPad

PosePad is an iPad app created for professional photographers who manage their workflow during photo sessions. PosePad allows professional photographers to take care of every aspect of a model or client’s session. It ranges posing ideas, light setups and diagrams and such other handy stuff.

Photo Slides


Photo Slides

This app is for inspiration. It feeds you inspiration images from Flickr or your own library. You can even set it as a screensaver. Cool App.

FX Photo Studio HD


FX Photo Studio HD

This app claims to hold the best collection of photo effects and filters on all of the Apple App Store. Not focusing on the claim, we can still say that the collection is very large and very impressive. If you happen to use filters a lot, you should get this photography app.

Photogene for iPad


Photogene is a powerful photo editor for iPad

With Photogene you can easily browse, edit and improve your photos. It also supports batch.
The photography app has lots and lots of options and the best thing is that it can open really really large size photos.

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