Patterns are one the resource types which is often neglected. Even we never made a post about Adobe Photoshop patterns before. Nevertheless, everything’s new for the first time, isn’t it?

Patterns, as the name suggests, are predefined color designs which can be used in the very same manner as Brush Tool, but to paint with patterns, we need to use Pattern Stamp Tool. This tool can be found in the Pop-out tool box of Clone Tool.

Below you can see the method of adding these patterns in Adobe Photoshop.

If you don’t know what patterns are, here a little introduction.¬†Photoshop patterns are a unique resource for creating backgrounds and tile-able images. You can use these patterns through Layer Styles or using Pattern Stamp Tool. This tool is found in the sub-menu of Clone Stamp Tool.

Here’s a screenshot for your help

How to add patterns in PS CS5

Download All Patterns

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Damask Pattern 2.0 by Sed-rah-Stock

Free download for photoshop

Photoshop Patterns by far2far

free download

Tartan Patterns by inano2009

FMR-Reflections by fmr0

metal grid No1 by mikeandlex

Rain Rain by illcircuus

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Picnic Pattern 1.0 by Sed-rah-Stock

Free Photoshop Download

Patterns 23 by Ransie3

Photoshop Pattern

Boxes Pattern 2.0 by Sed-rah-Stock

Photoshop Patterns

Grunge Pattern 4.0 by Sed-rah-Stock

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Scanline + Screentone Patterns by C130

Patterns for Photoshop

Patterns – Autumn Colors by zinzibar

Download tiling images

Vintage Retro Grunge Wallpaper by WebTreatsETC

Pattern set for Adobe Photoshop free download

10 Repeating Patterns by Kaze-Hime

Free Tiling Images

Retro Tartan – 10 Patterns by aaskie

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Garden Patterns by illcircuus

pattern sets for designers

Patterns: set no.6 by 77words

Free download for Adobe Photoshop

Cris Tile Patterns Dark by only1crisana

downloadable patterns for Photoshop

Transparent Halftone Patterns by Piraiyah

Free Photoshop Downloads

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