Free Super Quality Icon Pack Downloads

I love icons, add a few good ones and any design will start to look good.
Today I’ve just such icons for you, and as always, they’re all free!
In total they are over two thousand classy icons.

Since I’m basically a graphic designer, I’ve collected not just web related icons but the ones which are pretty useful for graphic designing as well.

Use them wisely and don’t forget to thank the creators. Good Luck!

If you would like a specific kind of icon set, which you might not find anywhere else, you can request it to me using comments section below and I’ll design that for you and upload it right here on Designzzz. It’ll be royalty-free and you’ll be able to use it commercially.

9 PSD Sticker Templates

free premuim resources for designers

Battery Icon PSD

free icon set for designers

De Freu – Icon Pack by  Uribaani

free icon packs for designers

Free Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set for Bloggers

free icons packs for designers bloggers

iConPack – now with psd by  7UR

free icon packs for designers

Onibari light by  Stinky9

high quality icons packs for designers

Bright! – a free icon set

free great icon set for everyone

120+ Free Hand-drawn Vector Arrows

free high quality hand drwan arrows icons for everone

Hand Drawn Vector Icons

hand drawn icons set for designers

Chibi meal

free icon meal sets for everyone

Milky free vector icon set

free cute and clean icons for designers

Finance and Applications Icon set

Finance and Applications icon set

Free Vector Blue Icons

free icon sets for websites

Vector Icons

free icons for designers

Project Icons  by  bogo d

free icons for designers

Slyd Icons Package by  AzizNatour

free icon packages for everyone

General Vector Icons by  antialiasfactory

free vector icons for any type of person

Cold Fusion HD Icon Pack by  chrisbanks2

free high resolution icon packs for websites

Hand Drawn Social Media Icons by  rafiqelmansy

free hand drawn social media icons

Titanium Icon Set by  StreamingPixels

free metallic effect icons

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