Some really cool and Creative Free Resume Templates

A couple of days ago, I decided to make my CV, the very first one! (yes, I was hired at Designzzz when I didn’t even had a resume, they just checked my college project and hired me).

But I didn’t want a Microsoft Word page with my credentials on it… I wanted something that could represent my style… so I went on the internet and to see what other creative guys are doing.

I found some free creative resume templates as well, and I knew had to share them.

You should also check out: Quick Tips for Creating a Resume

A bit from the above mentioned link: Your resume can be even more worthy than your portfolio, when you are in quest of a job. Your resume is the thing that is going to make the “first impression”. For graphic designers, designing their own resume is a nightmare. That is due to the fact that every employer is expected to judge a designer by his CV.

Simple Coffee Shop Resume

simple coffee shop resume

Server Resume

Server Resume templates


creative resume templates


web designer developer resume

Adam Balazy CV

illustrated resume idea

My Creative Resume

creative resume templates


out of the box resume

Curriculum Vitae

illustration based resume


creative cv resume templates that works for designers jobs

Creative resume

graphics designer resume design

Creative & professional CV

professional resume templates

curriculum vitate

curriculum vitae design

Curriculum Vitae

vintage curriculum vitae design

ICART resume

photographers resume idea

Eyad Hussein CV

out of the box resume design


creative resume template

My Resume

web designer and developer resume idea

Super Marry Ann

infographic style resume design

kenjiBoy resume

creative cv resume templates

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