Stock photos of people are required by web designers and graphic designers alike. These photos I selected today are of professionals you know, suited booted people!

These images come very handy for when we are designing, posters, billboards, brochures and other print media items. But they are most useful for web designers. Web designers often need stock photos of people who look happy and successful… these images are exactly that.

All these stock photos are in high quality high resolution so you can use them for any need.

To get any of these image in full resolution, please click the title.

Stock Photos of People

Business Power

This image can depict success, power, potential and ambition. Such images can be useful for finance related businesses.

Business stock photos

Working Women

Women are the 51% of the world. Today women are working in all fields in mainstream business. If you want to show working women, this is a good choice.

business women stock pictures

Laptop Woman

When designing, you might add something in the LCD of this laptop.

marketing designing images

Business People

That’s a pleasant, confident business team.

business people stock photos


This is a stock photo that shows the victory smile of an entrepreneur. You might use this picture for career consultancy or anything related.

stock photos of people

Stock business people group

This stock photo has written “we will bring you success” all over it.

stock photos of people


Even though this is a routine stock photo of a professional, this photo is suitable only when you are trying to attract geeks (like me 🙂 )
This person in the photo looks like a computer programmer so use this stock image when you have to create a design for computer professionals.

amazing photo for designing

Businesswoman Bust

Another confident business woman photo. Such stock photos of people can be used in various situations.

Cooperate girl image

FREESTOCK image of a young business woman

Such stock images of attract stay at home moms. This image shows that you can work and be very successful with just a laptop. So use this image when you are targeting housewives.

happy girl stock images

Young business

This stock photo of people attracts businessmen. So use this one when you are creating designs for finance based businesses or consultancy services.

conference table meeting image

More stock business photograph

This image might even work for educational institutes.

class images for designing

Business couple

This image has close-ups and the smiles are very appealing. So this stock photo of people should be most suitable for billboard designs.

stock images for web designers

Businesswoman: stop right there!

Even though this stock photo contains a serious looking businesswoman, it contains humor so use it accordingly.

Stop it stock image


One more time, she is making it humorous. You might use the two images together in one design.

stock photos of people

Surprised Man

You can use this stock image for designs that say “I got more than I expected!”

business surprise

What’s Going On Over There?

You might have to tweak a little with the background if you use this photo. I’m saying this because background is not transparent.

astonishing image with newspaper

Stock Image

I don’t know if it’s me or the guy in this image really has a very cheeky smile.

girl and boy images

Business Woman

One of the stock photos of people with attitude.

stock photos of people

kid stock

How about “I Want You” poster with this little kid?

kid photography for web designers

stock t-shirt template

That’s a stylish guy. I’m not sure if this stock photo is useful for designing ads for sports or men clothing related businesses.

fashion stock for webdesigners

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