One major problem designers and developers have when working on a project is choosing which colors or color palettes to use. The colors one uses on a project is quite important.

People generally respond to different colors in different ways, as they evoke different feelings or emotions.

That’s why creating an eye-catching effective color scheme is never an easy task for web designers. Each color carries an emotion and sometimes it gets very hard to choose one appropriate color that matches the sense of the business, layout of the design and likeness of the client.

So imagine if you choose the wrong color for your project? The effects will be disastrous. This is why a knowledge of color combination is required. The color scheme you pick for your project will affect the whole design, so you have to devote ample attention and care to color management.

So, how do you choose the right colors for your project? Here are a few tips:

  • Think about color combination: In project designs, color selection is more about how good two or more color shades look together.  Whatever project you’re designing, always use two to three colors that nicely harmonize with each other only. If you don’t do this, you will end up making everything look crowded.
  • Use Colors that are already in your palette: This is quite simple. Go for colors that are already in the brand you are designing.
  • Use a few external Colors: This goes without saying. Make one color the primary color and let others be secondary.

So to help you make a better choice, here’s a collection of 50 color palette or color scheme generators. Some of them are online tools, some of them are apps and the rest are not. However, note that not all of them work the same way; although some are similar many others are unique.


Adobe Colour Cc

That’s right. Adobe has its own color wheel. And its name, which used to be Adobe Kuler, is now Adobe Color Cc. It is of the best free color scheming tools in the market. Backed by mother Adobe herself. You can choose the scheme by selecting palettes or by choosing a single color. Easy to use – best in results.

It’s an online tool though, and you’ll need to sign in to be able to use it. If you have an Adobe account, things will be smoother. With Kuler, you can create your own tools and store them for future use as well.

Free Color Scheme

Color Scheme Designer

This is a tool that solved the problems of many web designers. It is quite an advanced tool packed with a lot options yet it is easy to use. No sign-up required, no strings attached. Highly recommended.

free online colour scheming


This widget at first was a Firefox plugin, but now it has been made available on Google Chrome. Now, it is an online tool that allows you to create fantastic palettes and color schemes.

Check My Colours

This is a unique marvel; basically a color scheme analysis tool. It doesn’t just help you create a color scheme, it helps you to monitor and analyze your current color scheme of your running website or blog.

free online color analysis tool

Color Munki

This is an online tool that lets you build colour palettes from Pantone swatches by using a different methods to generate pleasing combinations.

Color Blender

This tool is easily available on the net. It allows you to grab a swatch, adjust the color and in real-time it brings out a set of five colors that go hand in hand. You can download the palettes in photoshop, illustrator or EPS file formats.

Stripe Generator

This widget is termed the “ultimate tool for web 2.0 designers.” It allows you to generate pleasing colour combinations, and eye-popping patterns simultaneously.


Palettr is a wonderful color scheme generator. It produces color palettes inspired from photographs uploaded by users on 500px.

Color Jack: Sphere

This is a rather simple and quick tool with only necessary functions. It is a very handy tool if you design many a websites frequently. If you use MAC, you can get their dashboard widget as well.

Sphere type color selection tool

Colr is a pared-down tool that allows you to see all the different colours available in an image. You can pick the colors you want and from there form a theme. Although it isn’t as polished as other tools, it is worth considering.

Color Explorer

This is the absolute opposite of the previous one. Probably this is the tool that has most features amongst all being listed here. A free sign-up is required to use this tools.

tool for color scheming

Color Calculator

Here’s an online color palette generator. It is basically a color wheel where you pick a main color, a harmony and a color scheme will be generated for you. Apart from this, Color Calculator provides some information on choosing the right colors and how to adjust them.

Mud Cube Color Sphere

This is a little color resource for designers that comes in handy. It is a browser extension that not only gives you hex numbers for each color; it also helps you to build up a color scheme from just one chosen shade.

If you don’t know which color scheme to use, Mudcube will show you the way through its collection of themes which you can access from a drop-down menu.

mud cube color scheme


This widget is basically a great inspiration source. It shares the color patterns, gradients, palettes and images generated by those who have used it. It isn’t an out and out color generation tool but it’s useful in building websites.

Color Spire

Nice little tool with one specialty, it shows you a complete example of the colors of your future web design. Have a look at the screenshot to see it in action.

free color scheme tool for web designers


Designspiration works in a reverse method from other color tunes. Instead of choosing the color scheme for your photos, it matches photos to the color schemes you feed into it.

You can select up to five hues from a useful full-page palette, and the site will generate all the images in its database that goes with the color scheme. The hex numbers are prominently displayed, and you can click on them individually. You can save these images for your personal collection as well.

Instant Color Schemes

Instant Color Schemes is an online tool that approaches generation of color palettes in an entirely different way. Although the interface is a bit lacking, it is useful in its own way.

To use it, all you have to do is type in a word or phrase, say “Chocolate,” and you’ll get 24 most prominent colors that pops up from the first five images in a matching Yahoo image search.

Color Rotate

Colors come to life in 3D, that’s the slogan this tool has. Here, you can finalize a color scheme using palettes, you can even make a palette of your own.

Advanced Color Scheme and Palatte tool for designers


This is a simple color palette generator. To use it you paste the URL of an image online, and the widget creates a color scheme based on that. That’s all it does, which is what you actually need. It’s really simple.

Color Hunter

This color scheme tool suggests color schemes based on the image you use. It doesn’t have a wonderful first impression; it may not wow you, but it is a very useful color through- especially if you can’t find a certain color.

All you have to do is look for an image that you like and enter it into Color Hunter. The tool will take care of the rest. It will create a colour palette from your chosen image. This way, you can create your own colour theme without hassles.

color hunter

Contrast A

This is one of the tools I like a lot. It let’s make multiple combinations of colors. You can create a palette and use it easily. All simple, all  easy, all very productive.

free coloring tool for web designers

Hex Color Scheme Generator

This little tool is made so as to generate colors that will work with other colors you’ve selected. All you have to do is paste your preferred color in hexadecimal form and the widget will take care of the rest.

Colour Lovers

Colour Lovers is an online community where users create, browse and share color schemes and palettes.


COPASO is a tool found on the online community forum COLOURlovers. It generates palettes and gives you a full range of colour selection tools, all on a simple UI.

You can upload images, add notes to and enter CMYK references on the palettes directly. These tools makes building your color palette or scheme easier.


This is also a rather unique kind of a tool. It let’s you upload an image and it creates a chart-map of the basic colors used. This is mighty helpful if you have a picture of a design. You can also use it to copy a color scheme from a scenery.

Free color analyzer for designers

The Color App

This is an iOS tool that makes finding colours much more easier. There’s a large grid of colours that fills up your screen. With it you can  sample colours, find out their RGB, Hex and HSLA values so that you can build color palettes and see how they work together.

The app is not free. You’ll need to pay $9.99 on iTunes to get it.

Colour Grab

Somewhat like Pictaculous (the previous tool) but it creates maps from a URL of an image.

Color analyzer tool


This tool has a color picker from which you choose a color. The tool then generates a color palette only from the color you’ve picked. This color is then used to generate shades/tints, tones, and mixed or similar color palettes.


This is an online widget that basically lets you communicate your mood and feelings through colors. You can easily pick the best color shades corresponding to a feeling or for a desired emotional impact.

TinEye Labs

Tin Eye is a fascinating website that allows you to explore color combinations which were made from over 10 million Creative Commons images from Flickr. It is easy to use and delivers results quickly. Also, you can have fun while using it.

tineye labs

Toucan by Aviary

One of the best color schemer tools out there. Lots of features, easy to use, advanced functionality, I use it, you should also try.

Free color schemer tool for web designers


Paletton is an online color scheme tool. You just go to the website and start using the tool. It is really easy to use and you don’t have to register to be able to use it.


Unsafe Color Match Tool

Here’s one color tool which many coders adore. It allows you to modify texts, links, colors, backgrounds and visually shows your selections on a template. It also has an area that shows the codes so you can clone the schemes.

The site’s not in English so you’ll have to translate it first before usage.


This is a simple color tool designed to help web developers locate any kind of color variation. This app allows you to determine lighter and darker colors based on any shade or hue. It’s very good for designing hovers, borders, and gradients.


Made by HailPixel, Color is a wonderful little web widget made for perfectionists. The website is very good for finding the perfect color.

To use it, hover your mouse over a your screen to nail down your chosen colour, then scroll to set your saturation. When you’ve done this, the site will automatically produce that all-important hex code which you can use for your projects.

It’s one of the easiest such tools available out there.

CSS Drive Color Generator

This is another image to color generator. You upload an image (or input its URL) to generate color codes and a color scheme. The tool displays color schemes in three different ways- light, medium, and dark.

Color Code

This tool generates color schemes is very similar to Hail Pixel’s Color.

When you click and add a certain color on the screen of your browser on the tool, it generate colors which can be saved as Less, SCSS, PNG, and so on.

You can also create color palettes in categories such as monochrome, monochrome light, analog, triad, quad, complement, and so on, and download them in various formats.

This is a very useful color schemes generator. is super fast and with it you can create, save and share your palettes in a few clicks. It has a Chrome extension and you can use it on iOS as well. You need to sign up before you can use it.

Although it comes at a certain price, there’s an offer where you get the first three months for free.

Material Palette

In this widget, there’s a tile from which you can choose different colors. You select two colors and a color palette will be generated for you. You can then download this palette and use it for your project.


This is a website that offers a free service. It gives you free information about any colour, including conversions to colour models such as RGB, CMYK, and so on.

On each color page you will find a range of such color schemes – complementary, split-complementary, triadic, tetradic, five-tone, clash, analogous and monochromatic colours.

Palette Generator

This tool allows you to upload up to 20 images to generate a color palette. With the slider, you can change colors as you like. There’s also a sample selection that lets you choose colors from a small fragment of the image.

Color Schemer

This is an online tool in which you select RGB and HEX codes in the toolbar and color schemes will be generated based on the codes you entered.  RGB or HEX code. There’s also an option to lighten or darken the generated color scheme.

Color Wizard

Color Wizard generates is used to generate color schemes based on a color you select. There are several variations- Hue, Saturation and Tint & Shade available. You can also generate color palettes in various categories like analogous, complementary, split complementary, triadic, Tetradic, and so on.

Colour Mod

This is a widget with a stylish design which allows you to quickly and easily grab any color’s Hex value. It works on Macs and PCs and it is free.

VisiBone Color Lab

VisiBone is one palette generator that is a little bit rough around the edges. However, it is great for people who are ready to get in, grab some web-safe colors and get out.


Color Combos allows you to search or create a personal Combo Library using its Color Tester tool. This tool has really unique features. There’s an option which allows you to show text over your colors, create a template of hex codes, as well as download a palette image. Furthermore, you can insert a URL and get a list of all of the colors used on that particular site.



EasyRGB gives you information about color technology. It’s been around for years and now has become a popular source of technical and commercial information about colors, color science and color programming techniques.


This is a color app exclusive to iOS only. With its single-wipe feature you can generate color schemes and share them. There are two styles of picking color palettes: finger and camera. The former requires a swipe and pinch motion to change colors. The latter entails a simple point and click motion to grab colors.


This color app is the brainchild of Mackenzie Child. It works exclusively on iOS and its aim is to inspire you.

Created by graphic designer Luke Davies, is an app that allows you to change an image’s impact using gradient fills.


In conclusion, understand your audience and try to communicate with them via your color palettes.

These tools are different and they will surely help you in your projects one way or the other. It’s not compulsory to use all of them, just choose the ones you’re comfortable with.

The more you use these tools the better you get at choosing the right color schemes.

Happy designing.

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