Free vectors are an essential resource for any designer. Whenever we have to create graphics, we go to internet and find good quality free vectors download relevant to our project.

This is a collection of vectors that most of us designers need frequently, or these are multipurpose vectors so they can be used on a variety or situations.

So good luck with using all these free vectors. And last but not the least, please give your feedback about this sharing in the comments section below. Thank you.

Here is a full list of sports vectors as well.

Free Vectors Download

To download any of these packs, just click on the title/name of the vector pack.

50 Free Herringbone Illustrator Pattern Swatches

This is a free vector set that includes 51 swatches that can be used as backgrounds or separator stripes.

free vector swatches

People Silhouette

With almost a hundred silhouette shapes, this is a brilliant resource for print media designers. This is free vectors download set.

free vectors pack for all

Vector Patterns

July, this is the month, isn’t it?

free vector patterns for designers

Free Vector People

Full glossy icons, you might call them web 2.0 style icons. They are ideal for web designers.

vector people free download

Free Vector Skulls

This free vectors download pack should be used only when trying to do something outrageous. Screenshot tells why!

download free high resolution vectors

Vector Branches

I loved these free vectors. They are very artistic. You can’t make up your mind whether these autumn is taking over or spring is starting… are they optimistic or pessimistic? I loved these free vectors.

vector branches for download

Free Vector Page Doodles

Scribble and doodle kind of elements can add innocence in any design. These can add it and we have shared collections of doodle brushes for Photoshop and free doodle fonts.

paper doodles vectors graphics

Business People

A follow up free vectors pack from the same creator who designed People Silhouette (2nd in this list).

vectors for all download


Quite like the one above, but this one contains sportsmen not businessmen. This free vectors download pack also contains almost a hundred free vectors.

sportsmen vectors free silhoutte download

Business World

Business people, skyrise buildings and maps… the things that define business and success. You find these elements in this vector pack.

free vectors for business graphics

120+ Vector Shields, Coat of Arm

You have a right to remain silent… but we’d appreciate if you say a word about these free batch vectors.

vector shields for download

Abstract Butterfly Vector Graphic

This is just one vector download. I don’t think it much useful commercially but I loved it so included in the collection.

colorful free vectors

Medicine Icon Pack

A designer can use these free vectors for any design related to medical field or if you go creative, you can use them symbolically on the web. For instance for “help” icon you may use first aid kit box.

medicine vector pack

Vector Graphics For Logo Design

These are vector logos or templates for creating logos.

free vector graphics for designers

Vector People Icons

People belonging to diverse ethnic backgrounds. Free vector shapes.

complete people collection vector free

Nature Flower Icon

Once again, this is only one vector template but I feel this one is highly commercial and you can use it on many kinds of graphics and designs.

free vectors for graphic designer

3d Recycle Icon

Just one icon but designed to explicit details.

free recycle icon

Creative Business Cards Vectors

This is not a set of business card templates but a set of business card free vectors.
By the way, we have published a collection of high quality free business card templates.

free business card templates

Eco Green Vector Banner

Go green. Advice of the day.

eco green vectors

5 Floral Ornaments

They look like hair of someone I know. Filled with butterflies and everything else… yes, these are definitely her hair.

cool floral vectors for graphics

Free Borders and Vector Flourishes

A bit vintage, but they would look really cool when designing something vintage themed.

vector floral borders graphics

Vector butterfly

Did you catch any butterflies in your childhood? Well you can catch them now with these free butterfly vectors.

colorful vector butterflies free download

Free Collection of Decorative Border Vectors and Dividers

Separators and deviders are mostly used by web designers but these free vectors are designed specifically for print media designers.

free dividers and seperators

Free Vintage Ancient Border Vector Collection

I don’t know why but I feel this free vectors download pack has come straight from stone age. You know, like in Flintstones (cartoon series).

free ancient borders

Free Hand Drawn Vector Ornaments

Jewelry like ornament pack. This would look so fascinating if colored appropriately.

hand drawn vectors

16 iOS Tab Bar Vector Icons

Hate it or love it, iPhone and iPad are everywhere. So we need vector icons for them. Here they are!

free vector icons pack

Glossy Vector Icons

Flat is the hot trend right now but gloss will never be completely out.

glossy icons free download

CS Matte Icons

Creative icons of premium quality come as free vectors download pack.

matte free vector for designers

Free Doodle Icons Vector Set

Scribble and doodle like icons. This is a complete set so you can design your whole website in this theme.

doodle vectors free download

Seamless Vector Pattern

Another seamless pattern in vector format.

vector hogh resolution patterns for everyone

Blake Squared Diamond Pattern

Seamless pattern. There’s not much detail but there is class!

free vectors patterns

Free Dutch Vector Flowers Pattern

Dutch love flowers. They have world’s biggest flower industry. This pattern salutes them.

dutch flower patterns

Vector Doodles

Doodles strike back in this free vectors download pack.

doodles vector graphics

Tattered Banners

I’m not sure where should these free vectors be used. But they are a creative resource so I added them in the list.

paper banners vectors

15 Grunge Vectors

Grunge was really hot a few years ago. And that trend is coming back now.

We have previously shared grunge fonts and grunge Photoshop brushes.

grunge vector graphics

Animal Vector Silhouettes

These free vectors are in silhouette but you can fill them with colors and effects according to your needs.

animals vector graphics

Things that fly

Everything that flies is present in this vector pack.

flying elements graphics vectors

Skull Vector

Skull. We all have it.

free horror vectors graphics

Illustrated Scary Zombie Vector Graphics

Zombie… its like President of the states. Not everyone gets to be one.

free horror graphics for free

Hand Drawn Ornate Elements

Classy ornament elements for vintage graphics.

free patterns for graphic designers

Floral Ornaments

Floral elements in vector format.

high class vector for free

Free Blue Vector Graphics Pack

Ah… ah! flashbacks of school time.

vector sketches for free

Line Art Pack Vector pack

Line art is one of my favorite free vectors download pack or this list.

line art vector packs

Love is in the air!

Wanna see real flowers? check out these flower pictures.

lovely vector graphics

Vintage music

Yes, that’s how we listened to music… and it was good!

vintage graphics for free

Birds in Flight

My favorite bird on top right.

bird flying vectors graphics

Aircrafts Vector Pack

War is not something anyone likes, but it does takes place. Here are fighter aircraft vectors.

air crafts vectors graphics

Free Vector Zombie Icons

These are funny vectors.

free zombies

Flow goodie pack

Hmm… there are a few things here that I’d like to get.

goodies pack vectors for free

Vintage Badge Templates

Freeze in the name of the Badge! A free vector.

free vintage badge templates

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