10 Free Services to Keep you Updated with your Website’s Uptime

website monitoring service10 Free Services to Keep you Updated with your Website’s Uptime

I would like to present a collection of free applications for website/network¬† monitoring. Here you will find a lot of interesting items and options that will greatly facilitate the conduct of the websites. You can use this services to monitor your website’s uptimes, downtimes traffic (in some services) etc.

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Mon.itor.us is a free, yet powerful website, server and traffic monitoring service. We have established track records of robust execution, alerts delivery and we help many website owners to reach high uptime and availability at no cost.

website monitoring services

Internet Seer

InternetSeer is the world’s largest website monitoring service, providing accurate and reliable free hourly website monitoring to over 1.7 million websites worldwide.

website monitoring services

Uptime Robot

With Uptime Robot every website is monitored in 5 minute intervals.You can monitor up to 50 websites. .

website monitoring services

Site Up Time

SiteUptime is a website monitoring service that checks your website at regular intervals and notifies you via email or SMS if more than one location detects a connection failure. In free version you can monitor only 1 website every 30 or 60 minutes. SiteUptime also sends you free uptime report monthly.

website monitoring services

Are my sites up?

Are My Sites Up is a very simple service to help you keep an eye on your sites and warn you if they go down.

website monitoring services

Logic Reach

Logic Reach is free web site monitoring 24/7 to ensure your customers and visitors can reach you. In the event your site is running very slow or down we can send you an email or sms text message!

website monitoring services


Pingdom has a very strong and narrow focus. That focus lies on covering the uptime monitoring needs of 90% of the companies in the world. Instead of branching out into other areas, we will instead place all our efforts into maintaining the best uptime monitoring service available.

website monitoring services


Uptrends monitor your website, server and transactions from a global and end-user perspective. Uptrends is a leading provider with more than 1,500 customers in 23 countries.

website monitoring services

Site 24×7

Easy, fast and effective web server monitoring, server monitoring and website monitoring service.

website monitoring services

Service Uptime

Whenever your website becomes inaccessible or returns incorrect data the ServiceUptime alerts you within seconds of the event via email or SMS. Be notified instantly once your site becomes inaccessible!

website monitoring services

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