Freedom, what a word this is. We endeavour for it. We battle to gain it. This is mankind’s ultimate goal. And this is the theme of my post.

Concept Photography is one of the toughest forms of Photography. After many animal photography posts, today I’m changing the flavour and making a concept photography post. Freedom Conceptual Photos.

This is a collection of images which contain the feel of freedom. Some are funny, some are artistic. I just grabbed every bit which had a talent in it. Hopefully you’ll like the pictures as much I did. As always, I’m waiting for your comments.

All these pictures are linked back to the original source. So if you want to see all the works of any artist, just click his/her name and you’ll reach source page.

If you don’t notice what’s great about the first image, look again, it’s great!


Freedom from Egg Shell

As Far As You Can Go

Balloon Freedom flight

A Great Day For Freedom

Free a Bird


A wish for Freedom

Touch the Sky

touch the sky with hand


Freeing a hen


Girl Dancing

love freedom

Love Freedom Key


women free

Bird Freedom

Flying Bird

Fly Away

Fly away pigeon

This Way for Freedom

Bird Flight upwards

Get out – Get in

Mouse getting out of cage


Escape to Freedom

Picture of Freedom

boy freeing birds

New York Freedom

Pigeon flying above new york

Freedom of Imagination

Freedom of Imagination

The Sky Is Mine

The sky is mine

Discovering Freedom

Freedom Heart of Water

Pigeon Freedom

Pigeon Freedom

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