When we make professional business decisions in life, it is pivotal that we get the timing right. In today’s article, we’ll learn a few tips to get this timing right.

The moment we choose one type  of these two earning resources, we start to think about switching to the other.  It is not because the choice was wrong or we didn’t think about it enough, it is just a matter of calculations. Today you’ll learn how to measure yourself for being good for a permanent job, or for becoming a freelancer.

Before I can go deep in this topic, let me just describe the perks and drawbacks of both these kinds of money earning resources.


Finding Jobs


  • Guaranteed Check at the end of the month
  • You might not have to work in the late hours as sometimes freelancers have to in order to stay in the market.
  • You start earning from the first day of the job
  • No investment required to open an office, or buy some infrastructure


  • Have to stick with the schedule
  • Your boss can be bossy and nosy (and they usually are)
  • Can’t take a break or leave whenever you want
  • If you are really good, you won’t reach the top as rapidly as you might while being a freelancer.


Freelancer with Laptop

I don’t want to repeat everything, in short, the disadvantages of a job become the “advantages” here, and the advantages become the “disadvantages”.

Starting Your Career… The Right Way

When you are at the early stages of your career, regardless of the profession you have chosen, you must start off with a job, simple as that.

There are just too many reasons why I recommend this, let me point out a few.


Obviously the most important one would be to gain experience. When you are entering the mainstream corporate market, you should not only be equipped with bookish knowledge but also practical experience.  And as they say, even studies could not match the value of experience.


A job will not only polish up your skills, but it would also teach you teamwork and communication skills. It will guide you to be patient and determined. You will have competition in the job, this competition will teach you to perform your tasks, efficiently and quickly.

Who Should Become a Freelancer?

Whos Picture

If doing a job is such a good idea and it teaches you so many things for your on-work and off-work duties, why and when should one become a freelancer? Here’s the answer. Look at the list below which describes the qualities that in my opinion are necessary for a successful freelancer.


You need to be very enthusiastic, always looking up, aiming high and willing to work harder than anybody else to reach to top. Sitting alone doing nothing should make you angry with yourself.


A freelancer cannot be successful until he is a multi-dimensional personality. If you just good at one job, the one you do and not a good speaker, don’t have convincing powers and marketing skills and also leadership skills, somebody less talented than you might be more successful.

Best in the Business

There is no best, but you should be good at the job. If you bag some praise now and then and more than anything else, you feel that you are good at it and you enjoy doing it, then you are destined to be successful as a freelancer.

Making the Switch


This is the tricky part, if you are doing a job, you must not leave it before becoming somewhat successful. Take your freelance business as part time and don’t lose your focus from your job.

Another point is that you should consult with the people sincere to you, about the freelance business you are starting, but also remember that you should not try to make everyone happy. There will be suggestions that you will have to turn down. The recipe to disaster is to try to make everyone happy.


Start off with a job, don’t care about the money, care about the skill.

Explore yourself and find out that where would you excel, being a freelancer or doing a job.

If you are good to become a freelancer, then make the switch, but make it the right way.

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