I wrote a short article a few days ago comprising to-the-point tips for photographers, I received a very good response so today I have a similar article but this one is crafted for web designers.

Many of us dream of having a software-house kind of a business of our own. After gaining a little experience in the design field, we just cannot resist our selves about thinking of starting a small scale business of a design firm.
There are aspects which you should know before you start a business, take Government Taxes for an instance. But ‘The Most Important’ thing you need to know is how can you make your business a guaranteed success. Today I’ll cover this topic in fast-track ride.

 Not Just Design

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The problem is that nowadays just one thing as designing cannot earn you your dreams and carry all the business expenses at the same time. You need to do something extra. These extras can include various things. I’m describing a few, you might create a bunch of other money generation resources.

Web Host: if you are starting a web design company, your clients will also need web hosting and domain purchase service. You can create your own web host. You don’t need servers and technical networking stuff. There are many web host companies which provide Reseller hosting. Reseller hosting is that you’ll host your client’s sites on that reseller package and you can manage everything through an easy to use web based WHM (Web Host Manager) control panel. You can buy this reseller hosting on monthly basis without any investment. And you become a web host.

Academy: you must (I repeat, must) start some teaching work with your business. Your students are a free resource and they are a big publicity. They also bring clients. I’m saying this from personal experience that internees and students increase your business by a great deal.

Association with Freelancers: clients want a one-stop-destination. If you just design and tell them to go somewhere else to develop, you’re doing it wrong. Find some local developers and programmers. Link them with your business and whenever a development client comes in, he should be catered. Even the developers can sometimes bring you design clients. Socialization works great.

Before the Money Starts Coming

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Portfolio: The first thing we need to do is create a portfolio. To fill this portfolio (now listen carefully!) you’ll have to create a few FREE websites. It sounds very unbusiness-like but we’ll have to do this. Now intelligence is that you create free designs for the websites which will acquire high-traffic. Your company’s name in the footer will acquire more hits. This free thing works great in long-term.

Staff: This is the tricky part, should you hire staff or not. I’d say check your investment. If you are investing a big buck, you obviously will hire staff. But I think the less staff is better in the start.

Market the hell out

Be Popular

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The heading says it all. We already have a big article written on this topic and you can click the link above to read it. In short, I can just say that create link backs. Place your name in directories. But this is just the short version, you should have a look at the article above.

Hope you liked this article, comments are eagerly awaited….

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