This is a collection of funny advice for all computer users. (Please make sure you DO NOT FOLLOW ANY OF THESE ADVICE. This a satire post and all of these advice can damage your computer, relationship with clients and in some cases, you can end up in jail.)

For legal reasons, I had to start with the disclaimer. Now, let’s get to know what this funny advice is all about.

We programmers are usually the techies in our families. We are the guys to whom our families look upon when their computers go down. I don’t know about you, but that’s the case with me.
So what happens is that when I fix their computers, I used to give them advice for a smooth running. They usually follow my advice but something somewhere always goes wrong and they misinterpret my advice so I decided to stop giving them any advice whatsoever.

But after seeing these comics, I think I know what to advice them from now on. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this as well.

Funny Advice for General Computer Users

Cookies track our web sessions and through cookies, governments can violate our privacy. Google, Facebook and most of the social media networks and email services create cookies… however, there is a way to remove cookies from your computer. Here’s that way.

Removing Cookies

And when you wash your motherboard with water and detergent, make sure you dry it completely before turning it back on. Water and humidity can fuse a motherboard and corrupt the media in the motherboard forever. Here’s the method of drying your motherboard quickly and easily.

Humidity in Microwave

McAfee, Avira, BitDefender… oh come on. They are not the answer. Home remedies are always better than allopathic medicine. If virus trouble you, this is what you should do.

Red Onion

Now that you’ve got your CPU clean of viruses and cookies, you should do something about your screen as well. Here’s how you clean it.


One of the first things to remember for everyone who works with computers is that you must always keep backups of your work. That’s because their will always be days when your computer can betray you. We at always keep backups so that we don’t lose our all important data. We use advanced technical methods for backing up, but for you guys, here’s a simple way.


Funny Advice for Designers and Developers is a blog for web designers, so we have to put something geeky in every post. So let’s begin with a funny advice for freelancers.

Never Kill a Client

One thing that we programmers need to understand is that the fault is not in the program, the fault is in the programmer. So, in order to fix our programs, we must fix ourselves. Do you get it? No? Well, here’s another definition of the fault in our programs.


This is the programmer’s answer to why should I be fair to the world if the world wasn’t fair to me.
As someone who always explicitly comments his own codes, I laughed way too hard on this.

Real Programmers

This is an advice mainly for tech support guys, but since we are continuously misunderstood for hardware specialists, we have to know this thing. The point is that you must listen to their problems very carefully, but they also know the solution. Don’t worry about their solution too much.

I have also made a rule of thumb. Never fix anyone’s computer in front of him/her. I always ask for a glass of water or coffee so they’d go away, or take their computer with me to my home for fixing it. I never fix it in front of them, because they just start backseat driving.

Tech Support

And since we are talking about tech support, there’s nothing more tech-supporty than this. Please try restarting your computer. This is our universal answer to all the problems.

Keep Calm

If you have any advice, please do share it with your readers. Use the comments section below.

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