Funny: Fat Cat Recreates Art Masterpieces

Famous old, traditional art paintings get a makeover with fat cat Zarathustra.

Most of our readers like traditional art, that’s the reason we keep sharing art related posts from time to time.

We also know that cats are very, very popular on internet so today we decided to merge the two.

Zathustra is a fat cat from Russia. She doesn’t do much, but one thing she does… and only cat who does that. She has her own blog where she puts herself in famous art masterpieces and turn those paintings into internet friendly images.

These paintings include masterpieces of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Vermeer and many others.

As you know, these artists often created art that is rated 13 in today’s world. So we have avoided adding those images, but you can see them on the homepage.

Did you know: October 29th is celebrated as National Cat Day in USA.

Portrait Paintings

Let’s start with the most obvious one.

Mona Lisa

She is considered to be the most famous smile ever.

Mona Lisa

Do you know the secret of her smile? Today we reveal it!

Mona Lisa with Fat Cat

Lady with Ermine

Along with Mona Lisa, this is considered to be one of the finest works of Leonardo da Vinci.
This is probably the world’s most iconic fashion portrait ever. This is the portrait of Cecilia Gallerani, the most celebrated mistress of Ludovico Sforza.

In the original painting, you can see she’s holding an exotic Ermine.

Lady with Ermine

But of course, no animal can compete with the trendiness of fat cat.

Cecilia Gallerani with Fat Cat

Leo Tolstoy

The author of some of the greatest novels ever – including War & Peace and Anna Karenina – is Leo Tolstoy.

This is a famous portrait of him.

Tolstoy Portrait

Now just imagine, if War and Peace was written on Tumblr, how would this portrait had turned out?

Tolstoy holding a cat

The Milkmaid

Vermeer created this beautiful masterpiece.

The Milkmaid Original by Vermeer

But we if this milkmaid had a cat… cats love milk.

The Milkmaid with the Cat


We had to leave out many paintings here because we could not share the original paintings here. One of my favorites is Birth of Venus and its catty version.

Creation of Adam

Poor painting painting by Michelangelo is parodied countless times. We covered one of its parodies in our clever elevator posters.

Creation of Adam

Now Adam and Eve weren’t important. Important is when the cat came into existence.

Creations of Cat

Sistine Madonna Painting

Sistine Angels.

Sistine Angels

Sistine Angel and the Cat God

Sistine Angel and Cat God

Adoration of Magi

This is another one of the great works of Leo da Vinci.

Adoration of Magi

And here is the adoration of the Cat.

Adoration of Cat

Movie Posters

Graphic design is also a form of art. And movie posters can be defined as the finest examples of graphic designing, so how can they be left alone by our little devil.

Sunset Boulevard

The original poster was like this.

Sunset Boulevard Original Poster

But the women could never make it as internet friendly as Zathustra can do.

Sunset Boulevard Poster

King Kong

The most famous animal villain of the movies is King Kong. Here’s the epic original poster.

King Kong Poster

But fat cat can be more trouble than King Kong.

King Cat Poster

Fat Cat in History Paintings

Declaration of independence

This is the original painting.

Declaration of Independence

But did you know, the original is actually a tempered version. The real version is given below… also, the real name of the painting was not Declaration of Independence, it was actually Declaration of the Independence of the Cat.

Declaration of Independence of the Cat

Egyptian Pictogram Art

Egyptian art is one of the oldest preserved formed of art pieces we have in this world.

Egyptian Art

Fun Fact: Egyptians worshiped cats. They really did, there’s no joke here.

Walk like an Egyptian Cat

The Night Watch

This is one of the most famous paintings by Rembrandt.

The Night Watch

Actually they were watching the cat.

The Night Watch of the Cat

That’s all folks.

But before we bid you good night, let’s meet our little devil.


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