As you would have noticed, I’m going completely off-track these days and making posts on hard to imagine ideas. This is one of those posts.

Technically speaking, this is creative concept based indoor photography. So it is a good inspiration for creating something crazy in the studio. This is of course a good dose of humorous pictures as well.

Please give me your feedback about what do you think of such posts. Should I make these more often, or should I just focus on the routine kind of topics?

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The Re-Saturation Experiment

The re-saturation experiment

Mad Scientist

perfect mad scientist

Quantity Over Time

Quantity Over Time scientist funny

And they call me empty head!

mad scientist zombie experiment

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

An Apple a Day

mad science apple experiment

Crazy Scientist

Crazy Scientist in lab

Esnipe – The Strategist

Crazy scientist

Back to the Future Garage Remake

Back to the Future Garage Remake

Why is it Green?

i am mad

When Science Doesn’t Work

Mad Scientist on their jobs

70 ML of Magnificence

70 ml of magnificence

Stark Raving

Stark mad scientist

The Making of Spiderman

mad scientist, an axe and a spider

My Rather Large Needle

scientist with its injection in lab

Children in Need

mad scientist kid

And that’s why we have chickens in the world


funny scientist photography

Happily Scienced

happy scienced couple


mad scientist photography

Aaannd….. Boom

mad scientist green explosion

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